I Love Summer

Don't you just love summertime? I love nothing more than bright blue skies, white puffy clouds, warm weather, and slight breezes. I think it's the only thing that keeps me holding on through the cold, gray winters of Indiana. Last summer was so different! We were surviving in a sense, trying to figure out how to be parents and how to meet Noah's needs. Breastfeeding took up nearly 8 hours of my day, and we were getting into the routine of our new lives.

This summer is so drastically different! We're all done nursing, and it is amazing how the day just flows now! We can just pick up and go wherever...whenever...except during his two naps, which are about 2-3 hours each. That is when I try to get some stuff done! Ryan is always telling me to just relax and watch TV or read a book while Noah sleeps, but it has felt sooo good getting projects completed around the house. Our house is full of brass fixtures, and I really HATE brass. It is seriously the nastiest finish I have ever seen. So far we have installed new light fixtures in the kitchen, changed out the cabinet hardware to match the new light fixtures, purchased new doorknobs for the entire house and started installation, and cleaned out our garage. Next on my list...installing peg boards in the garage and hanging up all of the tools Ryan uses, installing a peg board in our office closet in order to create a gift wrapping center, finishing the door knob installation once the rest arrive at our house, steam cleaning the carpets (thanks to my friend, Jennie, who is letting me borrow steam-vac), and many, many others. The biggest one on my list...putting crown molding all throughout our downstairs. I can't wait when that project is complete!!

Back to updates on Noah. He transitioned to whole milk without any problem and even drinks it completely cold! That is amazing given that he wouldn't drink his bottles unless they were almost hot. I'm glad I don't have to spend the next several months heating up his drinks. My body has transitioned pretty well, too. I only had to pump once after feeling really full and uncomfortable, but other than that, it's been fine. I don't really miss nursing in the sense that I wish I was still doing it...I just really treasure the experience and look back on it and smile.

I was a little worried about Noah's diet for a while because he didn't seem to like many things. I am quickly realizing that the best method is to expose him to something new, let's say whole green beans, every day, not making him eat a huge helping but rather a smaller helping. Then after about 3-4 times of trying something new, he eats it without incident. A surprise favorite....grilled cheese with bologna and roma tomatoes. I know it sounds like a crazy combination, but it sure includes several of the food groups.

I am really enjoying my time at home with Noah! We usually run some errands, go on walks, check out garage sales in the neighborhood, visit friends, play in his toy room, etc. It has been wonderful! I worried a bit that I would feel too couped up at home with him every day, but it's been just the opposite. I AM LOVING IT!

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