Backyard Pool Fun

For his first birthday, Ryan and I bought Noah a little baby pool. The weather was perfect this past weekend to finally set it up. I just love this little swim suit that I found at Target. Orange isn't necessarily my favorite color, but with Noah's blue eyes and blond hair, it looks really good on him! This picture (below) totally reminds me of myself when I was a kid because I always used to crouch down just like that...actually, I still do but don't look near as cute. :)

The pool is really shallow, but fills up along the edge and sprays upward like a sprinkler. There is a slide, a dolphin to ride, a ring toss, a canopy area, a palm tree, and other areas that spray water upward. I think he really enjoyed playing in it!
The only bad thing is that you have to constantly run water through the hose to keep the pool filled up and spraying along the edges and in the middle. Remember when you were a kid playing in the hose and how extremely COLD the water was? Well, the poor little guy was just shivering and shivering when we first put him in there. Then after awhile, he finally adjusted to it. I think we're going to get a lot of fun days out of that pool this summer!

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