Twenty Nine Days of Surprises

Almost a year ago, we had to say goodbye to our dog, Layla. Worst of all, it happened on Ryan's birthday. So this year, I was determined to find a fun way to celebrate his special day. Since Ryan is getting ready to turn 29 years old, I decided to do 29 days of surprises! Some days he has been given his snacks like Bugles, Mike & Ikes, or Reese peanut butter cups. Other days I've done something more sentimental like giving him a "I Love My Husband" book after writing things on each page. Sometimes we'll hang out with friends, which is especially fun when they surprise him while we're out! A couple weeks ago, he said, "I wish they made a cereal with just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms." I tucked that little idea away and surprised him with a bowl full of marshmallows only from our box of Lucky Charms. :) I have given him a couple hour long back rubs, which are his favorite. I've also given him two bigger gifts: an edger attachment for our yard and a new Nike golf shirt. It has been a very fun eighteen days! Tonight is Milkshake Monday, so whenever he is ready, I'll go whip up a fun milkshake for him. :)

On one particular day, his surprise was a trip to Guitar Center, which is probably his favorite store. I think it's because they don't sell clothes there! Anyway, we had lunch at Hulabean, a restaurant near our house and then made our way over to Guitar Center. Although I told him that Noah and I would just go walk around a store nearby, he wanted us to join him. So, we walked around inside, and I let him talk my ear off about the different kinds of guitars, amps, etc. I was really trying hard to pay attention because I am just not a musical person. It doesn't come naturally to me at all! There was even a quiz afterward that I passed with flying colors!

One of the sales' guys told us about these colorful maracas that he bought for his kids. He said they loved them and that they were virtually indestructible. We found them and handed two of them to Noah. HE LOVED THEM!!! In fact, he loved them so much, he wouldn't let us take them out of his hand to even take off the price tag. I'm pretty sure that was his first tantrum (with many to come, unfortunately) in a store ever. He would just SCREAM this piercing scream, and as soon as we let go of the maracas, he would get completely quiet. Noah seriously loves these maracas! He'll carry the green one around in his mouth (right, Mama?), and hold the yellow one in his hand.

It ended up being a perfect afternoon. I'm pretty sure it ended with both Ryan and Noah taking a nice long nap when we got home. Now that is a good day!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos - Noah is quickly losing the "baby" look and he is clearly looking like a little boy (toddler)! Hope Ryan is enjoying all of his birthday surprises (great idea) and that Noah is feeling well again! Love, Danette

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