Summer Wardrobe

Ever since Noah was born, we have been SO blessed by friends and family giving us their son's clothes for Noah to wear. It has probably saved us hundreds of dollars just in this first year of his life. While it's really fun to go buy him things, I also am trying to be practical, knowing that he is still growing so quickly and that he won't be able to wear each size for very long. Along with these clothes, Ryan's old coworkers from Neace Lukens gave us a $100 gift card to Carters. SWEET! We have been saving it for a rainy day when Noah would need some new clothes. The time finally came a couple weekends ago when we realized that he didn't have many summer clothes in the 12 month size. So, one Saturday evening, we drove to the outlet mall nearby to check out the Carters store. OH MY GOODNESS! There were SOO many clothes...and SOO many people. In some ways, it was a dream come true (a free $100 shopping spree) but also my worst nightmare (dodging people and stollers, listening to screaming kids, and hearing the same darn song from some kid's teddy bear). Check out Noah's new wardrobe!

I love these cute little basketball shorts and cut off tees, and those shorts and polos are so darn cute, too.

The orange outfit in the lower left corner is Noah's swim suit for this summer. Isn't it great?? We got him quite a few one piece tank top outfits for when it's really warm this summer. The clothes in the middle are some new onesies and cotton pants. My absolute favorite, though, are the pajamas on the right side. They each are 3 piece sets. I seriously LOVE Noah in his pjs. I'm not sure he ever looks cuter than he does in those pajamas!

The grand total was around $130, so we really didn't have to pay for much out of our own pockets. If you've been reading this blog for even a short period of time, you know that I like good deals! We decided to pick up a couple more pairs of pajamas at Kohls, too, because I had $20 in Kohl's cash to spend...so, that made for even more free clothes.
Here is one of my favorite pictures of Noah and Ryan together in their basketball shorts. I'm sure this is the first of MANY, MANY times I'll see the two of them like this together. I love my boys!

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Lisa B said...

LOVE the new clothes. They will look super cute on Noah. What an awesome gift that giftcard was. Don't you just love when your boys look alike. It is one of my favorite things when Garrett says he wants to do things just like his daddy, even peeing in the potty! HaHa!! I too love love love my kids in PJ's, especially those little tight ones. They have the cutest buns in those jammies!! :)

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