One Proud Daddy

Have I ever mentioned how much Ryan loves Noah? I mean, in the eight years I have known Ryan, I have never ever seen him love anything or anyone like he loves Noah.

Today is the big day for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, which hosted 39,000 participants this year. He has ran in it twice, as well as in the Chicago Marathon. After finishing the race last year, he decided to "retire" from running but still wanted to participate in some way. Several months ago, Ryan asked our church's band if they wanted to play at the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. They happily agreed! The were placed at the 11th mile, which as many of you know, is a really difficult part of the race. You're almost to the finish line yet are growing more and more tired and are losing steam. Ryan remembered this being one of the most difficult places in the race. I really wonder if God placed the band in just that exact spot knowing how difficult it is for people. So many people are praying to God, talking with God, and thinking about God during the race. Ryan was so excited to have the opportunity to play Christian music with other men from church in front of 39,000 participants and all of the spectators. Today he sent me an email...

Good morning Ames!

It's funny. I'm sitting in Greg's driveway at 4:50 in the morning, and I'm so excited about playing, but, I can't stop thinking about you and Noah and how much I'm going to miss you guys. I love you both so much! Please tell him what I'm up to today, and the significance of people hearing Christian music. I can't wait to see you this afternoon.


This man loves his baby boy! I did talk with Noah today about where his daddy was and what he was doing. It makes me so proud of the man I married...my son's father. I hope people at the Mini enjoyed hearing God's word of hope and love today. I can't wait until Ryan gets home so that we can hear all about his experience today.


Mandy and Jerry said...

Ok this is the most adorable thing ever!!! :)

Lindsay said...

awww how cute! I wish I knew he was playing, we were watching the mini just past the 10 mile marker!!

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