Mother's Day

I celebrated my first official Mother's Day on Sunday! Last year, Ryan surprised me with videos that my friends and family created for me to watch while I was in labor, along with a video iPod on which to watch them. His hope was that their words would encourage me to endure having a baby without the use of any medical interventions. It was an amazing and thoughtful gift!

This year, I woke up to my wonderful husband, our perfect pup, and my sweet baby boy. What more could a girl as for??? Ryan gave me a really sweet card and two movies: Australia (I highly recommend it!) and the second Harry Potter movie (we're doing an HP marathon). Then, Noah gave me his card...so sweet...and then sent me on a mission to find my gift. I was told it wasn't hidden very high because Noah isn't tall enough to reach very high yet. :) I quickly found a perfect little box wrapped in pretty gold paper with a cute bow to match. Noah is quite the gift wrapper! :) I opened the box and saw a beautiful ring with emeralds (Noah's birthstone) and diamonds. It was perfect! I don't like very flashy jewelry, and this is just a small white gold band with the gemstones perfectly lined up across the top of the ring.

I never imagined wearing any rings except for my engagement ring and wedding band. I wasn't even sure where I would wear another ring. So I slipped it onto my right ring finger and decided to see how it felt through the day. As the day went on, it just felt more and more perfect. I could look at my left hand and remember the promise that I made to Ryan on our wedding day. Then, I could look at my right hand and remember the promise I made to God when He gave me the gift of my son. Now, I am always aware of the two most precious gifts I have every moment when I wear these rings.

Ryan said he really wanted me to have something special for my first Mother's Day...something that I could put on years and years from now and remember the very first Mother's Day I celebrated after Noah was born. He is always so thoughtful with his gifts! I know I will treasure it for the rest of my life.


Mandy said...

How sweet!!!! Happy Mothers Day Amy!

Lisa B said...

Beautiful! What a great reminder of what God gave you!!

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