Happy Birthday Noah!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!! Oh my goodness, can you believe our baby boy is the big O-N-E? We both woke up so excited to wish Noah happy birthday. Ryan got the video camera so we could capture his special morning on film. We walked into his room and "Happy Birthday" in quiet, little voices, and he just looked so darn cute! While I fed him that morning, I really tried to savor the time with him, knowing that I would start weaning him in just a couple days.

For Noah's birthday, we decided to start the day off with an exciting new breakfast for him! That's right, a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs (because babies can't have egg whites until 12 months) and toast was just the ticket for beginning his day. He ate every bite like a champion!! When we picked him up after work, Alissa (our good friend and Noah's babysitter) said that when she changed his first diaper that morning, he even had toast crumbs in his diaper! Now that's a good breakfast!

After breakfast, we let him open one of his presents, a new baby pool. It is so much fun! The pool has a little whale slide (see above), a palm tree, a shady spot, and a ring toss. I think we're going to have a lot of fun this summer! I think this last picture really captures Noah little stinker personality. He is really starting to shine even more, and it's just the beginning of so much fun!! One year behind us, and an entire lifetime to go. :)

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