First Haircut

Over the past couple months, I knew we were getting closer and closer to the time when we would need to cut Noah's hair. Despite Ryan's teasing me that he was going to take him to the barber himself, I kept holding out on them. I just didn't want to see those baby blond locks get cut! When you have a baby, you get so excited when his or her hair comes in because they are no longer these bald little creatures. With his one year pictures around the corner, I knew I couldn't put it off anymore!

Jill and I have been friends since first grade, and we went to Hanover together, too. She married a wonderful guy, who was also one of Ryan's fraternity brothers, and they live close by. She opened her own salon in Plainfield called Elements of Style, so I thought it would be perfect to go visit her for Noah's first haircut. Coincidentally, my good friend Abigail had an appointment just before Noah's, so she stuck around for the big event and took some great pictures for us. Here is Jill making some of the first snips.

How cute is that little cape?? He sat on my lap...well, 'sat' is probably a stretch. He did some sitting, climbing, pushing away, etc. throughout his appointment. Noah was such a good boy in the beginning...
He sat fairly still and let Jill do her craft. Then he got a little fussier and needed his pacifier in order to sit still.

A little fussing turned to full on screaming! Jill was trying to cut some itty bitty hairs at the back of his neck, but he just didn't want to look down. So, I had to hold his poor little head down, and he screamed bloody murder for a couple seconds. We had to give up because he was just done...and if you have a little one at home...or if you have nieces or nephews, you know exactly what "done" looks like. This is Noah afterwards, recovering from his mean ol' mommy making him get his haircut.

Even at his most pitiful moments, he is still so darn cute! His hair looks much better now, so he's ready for his one year pictures on Memorial Day with Dawn.

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