Deals Too Great Not to Share

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this blog? I find out about so many great deals, so I check it a few times a day. For example, I found out today that Arby's is giving away free food with a small purchase every Wednesday until the end of August. Gotta love that! Anyway, she posted some of the best deals at Target recently, and the list looked too good not to go there. So, after I got off work today, I spent about an hour and a half preparing for this trip. Noah was taking a nap for most of that time, so it worked out well! I got many items for free, many for under 20 cents, and nothing that cost more than $1.00 (except a box of diapers for Noah b/c I got them for less than 18 cents a diaper...my price point for Pampers Size 3).

Usually in my blogs, I will show you pictures of what I bought along with my total savings and total spent. This time, I think I'm going to take a different approach. If you still aren't convinced that coupons are like free money in your pocket, maybe this will.

Because I used coupons at Target today, I paid for these items:

...and it was like I got ALL of these items for FREE!!!!!!!

That's right...three boxes of Ritz Crackers and that box of Pampers diapers would cost $40 without sales and coupons, which is the total amount that I spent today. That means that the following items were like free:

2 containers of mayonnaise (50 cents each)

4 Hershey's Bliss candy bars (free after coupons)

4 lbs. of apples (free after coupons)

4 cleaning brushes (15 cents each)

2 trial size sun tan lotion (free after coupons)

4 packages of Easy Mac (50 cents each - actually not a great deal but I wanted it)

2 boxes of Kashi waffles (50 cents each)

1 bottle of Joint Juice (free after coupons)

2 boxes of 100 calorie packs (free after coupons)

1 Kashi frozen entree (free after coupon)

1 container of icing (75 cents - not a great deal, but I needed it)

1 bottle of A1 Sauce (9 cents after coupon)

4 boxes of Quaker granola bars ($1.00 per box)

2 boxes of Velveeta Shells and Cheese (50 cents per box)

1 trial size Shout Wipes (free after coupons)

I think my favorite deal of all was with the Ritz Crackers. I got them for 50 cents a box! For those of you who are in love with Ritz Crackers, you know they cost around $2.50 to $3.50 a box. The best I can ever find is $2.00, and that is rare! So, I stocked up and got 3 boxes because Lord knows we will eat them.

So the real question is this...

Are you ready to get serious with saving money?


Mandy said...

yes yes yes!! :)

I must go get the Kashi waffles and frozen entree. Totally hits with the healthy part of me too :)

Thats amazing!

Lisa B said...

You got the same deals as we did!! Love them. It makes grocery shopping so much more fun when you are saving so much money. I got 7 bottles of kraft bbq sauce, gallon of milk, and a small candy for 52 cents at Meijer!!! The lady looked at me like I was crazy when the total came up. Bet she wished that was her total for the grocery!

Lisa B said...

Where did you find the coupon for the cleaning brushes?? I need some new ones.

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