Monday Madness

Wow! I am exhausted! Ryan started getting sick at 11:30 p.m. last night and continued to get sick throughout the night and this morning. It kind of came out of nowhere, too. We have no idea where he caught this flu, but I'm just thankful that neither Noah nor I have it. Since Ryan was home today, I was able to leave the house during Noah's naps to do some shopping. Plus, I broke my cardinal shopping rule and actually took Noah with me to Kroger before his first nap. He really does pretty well in the store still at this age. You would hardly know he was there, until he hits the back of his head on the shopping cart. Poor little guy!

Anyway, I went to Kroger, Target, CVS, and Walgreens today. I usually don't go to four stores in a day, but I just wanted to knock it all out today. Here is a picture of all my goodies! Some of my favorite deals are listed below.

Drumroll pleeeeeeeasse........

Total Purchase Value: $253.21
Total Spent: $115.25
Total Saved: $137.96

Kroger: There are great deals on Pampers, Bounty Paper Towels, Iams dog food, and Charmin Toilet Paper. If you buy three of these items, you get $3 off ($1 per item). I also had $1-2 off coupons from my PG coupon booklet that I received for buying $50 worth of P&G products a few months ago for each of those items. This is a HUGE steal because usually you only get 25-50 cent off coupons in the Sunday paper for Bounty and Charmin. I also loaded my Kroger Plus card here with more coupons for each of these products because you can use the e-coupons, as well as clipped manufacturer coupons. This made Pampers $6.99 (plus one pack for $5.99 b/c I had a $2 off coupon), Bounty $4.49, Charmin $4.49, and Iams dog food $13.99. These are the steals of the century on high quality brand name products! We are really flexible with trying new products while trying to save money, but these are non-negotiable in our house. :) Half gallons of milk were 99 cents. I had to get a rain check for the Pillsbury pizza crusts and Italian breads, so that will mean big savings on my next trip.

Total Spent $72.05
Total Saved $47.53

Target: They had a special on the Gillette Power Fusion razor ($7.99) and Gillette shaving gel ($1.89). Buy these two products, get a $5 Target gift card. I also had $3 worth of coupons to add on top of this deal, meaning that I only spent $1.89 total. I also got two mini-loaves of artisan bread for FREE with Target printable coupons here. Through that same website, I was also able to print a coupon that allowed me to pay on 99 cents for Dole Salad. Skim milk was only $2, eggs were 99 cents, and I also bought some candy and Nestle Tollhouse morsels since I had coupons for both, and they were both on sale.

Total Spent: $11.03
Total Saved: $17.95

Walgreens: I bought lots of goodies here! I won't mention them all but will focus on some of my favorites instead. I got 6 boxes of Pop Tarts for $1.33 each. Oust Sanitizer (which smells so much better than Lysol!) was 2.99, but I had a $2 off coupon and will get a $1 rebate at the end of the month through Walgreens, so that item was free. :) Speaking of free, I also got some Skintimate shave gel and Chapstick Naturals for free through their register rewards program. Schick disposable razors were BOGO, and I had two manufacturer coupons and one Walgreens coupons for those two items. So, I only spent $1.99 on two packages of good razors. :) I needed a new hair dryer, and since they were offering $10 in register rewards if I bought a Revlon one there, I went for it.

Total Spent: $32.17
Total Saved: 49.56 (plus $4 in register rewards to use in the future and $1 in rebate money)

CVS: I had a mini trip to CVS today. I again got Skintimate shave gel for FREE. Revlon makeup was BOGO, so after adding two coupons to that, I got two bottles of nail polish for really cheap. I also bought a new brush and a comb because I chopped my hair back off. It is SO curly now (it got worse when I was pregnant and hasn't relaxed since), so I needed a new brush to help me blow dry it straight. I also got new plastic sleeves for my coupon inserts and a bottle of Suave body wash for FREE (coupon sent to me with a freebie).

Total Spent: $4.04
Total Saved: $23.22

As you can imagine, I really cringe when I see people paying full price for their groceries now! Because I have learned how much I can buy things for, it is so hard to watch people buying toothpaste for $3.50, cereal for $3.00 to $4.00, and 12 packs of soda for $4.00. I met with three of my friends last Thursday to give them all of the information about how they can start saving hundreds of dollars each month by changing their philosophy of grocery shopping. It is pretty incredible! I love when the cashier rings everything up, bags a bunch of items, and then looks bewildered when the total is REALLY LOW. It is hilarious!! I walk out of stores feeling like I robbed the place. Now that I have almost been doing this for three months, I need to take stock of what I have and what I still need. For example, I think we have a good 12 packages of razors in our closet. We probably don't need to buy these anymore unless I can get them for free...or better yet...unless the store actually pays me to take the items. I know, this concept is foreign, but it is totally real! I wish you happy days with your shopping. If you ever want to know more about saving money when grocery shopping, just get in touch with me!

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Mandy and Jerry said...

Great shopping trip, Amy!! :)

Hope Ryan feels better soon!

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