Buttered Popcorn...WHAT?

After having a cook out with some friends last Thursday, I started feeling a little nauseous. Ryan said he would sleep with Noah's monitor on his side of the bed since I wasn't feeling well. While Ryan and I were sleeping, we heard Noah start screaming and crying. He hadn't done that in a long time! Ryan went into Noah's room to give him his pacifier. Immediately, he stopped crying. Ok. Great. Back to sleep we went.

The next morning, I woke up and got ready for work. I went into Noah's room (still feeling nauseous) and got him out of bed. I fed him and quickly left for work to share my grocery secrets with about ten women from work. A couple hours later, I got a phone call from Alissa, our sitter. She said that Noah had diarhhea when he woke up...we're talking a total blowout...all down his sleeper. POOR GUY! He has never had diarrhea before. Ryan had the flu right after my Spring Break, and it looked like both Noah and I were going to get it, too. Alissa also said, as sweet as could be, "Amy, please don't take this the wrong way, but Noah always smells good when he comes to our house, but today he smelled kind of like...spit up." He also had a fever. I then called Ryan to see if he could pick up Noah because I had two conferences that afternoon that I really couldn't miss. When I told him about the diarhhea and the smell, Ryan said, "You know what? I saw a big stain on his crib sheet this morning." WHAT!?! I always keep the light really dim in the morning so I don't startle Noah with bright lights when waking him up, so I didn't see the stain. I left work as soon as my conferences were over and went straight up to Noah's room. Sure enough, he had gotten sick in the middle of the night. That was why he started screaming...POOR GUY! Oh I felt just awful! He had never thrown up before, and we just left him in there by himself. I can't tell you had bad I felt!

Saturday I still felt really nauseous. We were hanging out at home, and Noah climbing around on the couch with us. All of the sudden, I smelled buttered popcorn. WHAT? I looked at Ryan and asked if he had made popcorn, and he said, "No," saying that he smelled it, too. Noah climbed over me again, and I smelled it again. WHAT? We realized that he had diarhhea again, and that it totally smelled like buttered popcorn!! It was sick AND hilarious all at the same time. I couldn't really complain that it smelled like buttered popcorn because that was definitely better than the alternative...BUT...it was still gross....kind of like those buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies. It's different but totally nasty.

Later that afternoon Noah was playing in the kitchen, walking along the sliding glass door. I looked over and saw diarrhea all down his poor little pant legs! Talk about a complete blow out! Even Pampers were no match for those cha-cha-chas. :) And yes, it did smell like buttered popcorn again. YUCK.

I felt nauseous Friday morning until last night, Tuesday evening. I had barely eaten anything those five days except for cereal and a couple grilled cheese sandwiches. I was forcing myself to drink water but even then wasn't very good at it. I knew my milk supply was probably suffering. Noah was starting to wake up early from naps, and he was fussing while eating. That was not normal at all. His diapers have been plenty wet, but I feel like he's getting more like skim milk right now since I haven't taken in many calories. I called our doctor today to see what his recommendation was. I was planning to wean Noah at 12 months anyway, and we're only 3 weeks away from that mark. The nurse called me back and said that Dr. Gloyeske recommends waiting until the 12 month mark. GRRR! I was really hoping that they would just give me the ok to transition him to whole milk. I know I have been SO fortunate to have been able to breastfeed him for this past year without having to use formula. I am really happy about that! I just don't want to transition him into formula just for him to go to whole milk in 3 weeks anyway. At the same time, I don't know if I'll be able to build things back up at this point either. If you're the praying type, I would really appreciate prayers for my milk! That may sound kind of silly, but I just want this to be a fairly easy transition. I hope we can make it 3 more weeks!


The Deaton Family said...

Amy, we really wanted to have Alexander only get exclusively BM for his whole first year, and we only made it to 11 months, and 1 week, which is about where your at. My supply had been suffering for a few weeks prior, and I really began to worry about him getting enough.

We didn't have enough at his daycare for that week, and one day the excess ran out. I was at my wit's end! I told the daycare ladies to just give him one bottle of formula, hung up, and bawled my eyes out. I didn't want my baby to have ANY formula. I talked it over with Justin that night, and decided to do what we felt was best.

At that point (without consulting the pedi because I honestly don't believe they know everything - you know yourself and your child. Justin was BF, but had been switched to whole milk at 3 months and he's just fine so I figured 11 months, and 1 week is a feat in itself - I was exclusively formula fed since I was 3 days old.) I decided to pump and give him half and half. It worked for us and we made it to the one year mark that way. When we switched to completely whole milk, we had absolutely no problems. HE LOVES HIS MILK! Just make sure if you do go this route to watch for constipation because whole milk can do that at first. Keep some baby apple juice to dilute on hand. :) If you have any questions email or FB me. Good luck with your decision. It's a tough one! :)

Mandy and Jerry said...

How are you all feeling? I hope Noah is feeling better....and you are in my prayers.. you are SUCH a good mommy!

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