Safety First

As you can imagine, now that Noah is able to get anywhere he wants to go, we are finally having to "baby proof" our house. While I was visiting my friend Jessica and her family, Ryan found Noah sitting three steps up on the stairs. Now that was definitely a first! Needless to say, we added a gate to the bottom on the stairs. Noah's new favorite game is climbing up the stairs, holding onto the gate, and jumping up and down with all his might. We're going to have to teach him how to get down because for now, he just kind of topples over when he wants to get down.

You wouldn't think that finding latches for your cabinets and drawers would be very difficult, but it really has been quite the adventure! First, we chose Babies R Us brand "Especially for Babies", and they just didn't work at all. Then, we went back to BRUs and thought, "Surely the Red Cross will make great latches." NOPE! Ryan was 3 for 3 in breaking off the heads of the screws. Now we have three screws (minus the heads) stuck in our cabinet. We just got a new store in Greenwood called Buy Buy Baby, and I think I'm in love! It's so clean and organized...and is associated with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We got some Safety First latches there, and they work great. We also bought some of the kind (pictured below) for a little extra security for cabinets that have cleaning products.

I think we are officially "parents" now that our house looks like a baby gymnasium. :)

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