Play Time

I love watching Noah in this stage! He is just exploring everything around him, and he's so darn quick, too. We had to put pillows at the bottom of the stairs because he hasn't quite figured out how to get down them gently, and he was starting to think it was a game to have us catch him. With the pillows there, he has a huge cushion when he takes a little tumble on his way back down the two stairs below his gate.

On Sunday, I was starting to feel a little cabin fever. I hadn't left the house since Thursday since I was sick. So, we went on a little trip to buy Noah some new Spring and Summer toys. We thought about buying a wagon because he would probably love riding around in one, but we decided to just wait. A jogging stroller is probably a more practical choice, so I'm going to check Craiglist to get a used one. A friend of ours has a baby who was born two days before Noah. He and his wife got their son a tunnel, and I guess he loves to crawl through his. So, we decided to get one for Noah, too. He LOVES it! Kya loves to run through it, too, which is really funny unless Noah is already making his way through when she decides to fun at the speed of lightning past him. Speaking of Kya, she and Noah are really starting to become good friends. Yesterday, Noah was sitting in his tunnel, and Kya was sitting right at the opening. She started to scratch her face in a really cute way, and Noah was CRACKING UP! He was seriously belly laughing at her. Then Noah kept handing her his toys and putting them in her mouth, which I had to then tell her to drop them. They were really interacting a lot. Kya will go in the tunnel, and Noah would laugh. Then Noah would go in the tunnel, and Kya would poke the outside of the tunnel. It was seriously too funny!

It was so beautiful when Ryan got off work, so we took Noah and Kya on a walk. Again, Noah was laughing at Kya walking around in front of him. Here is a cute picture of them at the end of our journey. Enjoy!

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