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I have been so excited to write this blog! I know I have mentioned The Grocery Game in previous blogs, but I wanted to dedicate this blog to giving you more details about how it works.

Ryan and I put $400 per month toward groceries. We use only cash for groceries, so once it's gone...we have to make do with what we have. Prior to using The Grocery Game method, I would make a menu at the beginning of the week and only buy what we needed for that week based on our menu and any other items that we needed. I found myself barely being able to stay below $400 per month while being able to get everything we needed.

Since I started using The Grocery Game (I'm just finishing my second month), I have MORE products than I could have imagined, and I'm still only spending $400. Because I have been able to stock up on so many products...you can see pictures in a second...I am going to lower our grocery budget to $350 next month. I think that within 2 more months, I will still be able to lower it even further to $300 easily.

So, what has shopping been like for me the past month? Well, I typically go shopping on Thursday evenings after I've worked and fed Noah, and I will go to 1-3 stores, CVS, Walgreens, and Meijer. If Kroger or Marsh (the latter is not part of The Grocery Game) are having good deals, I will go there on a separate day. All of these stores are within one mile of where I live, which is really fortunate for me! So, I'm not wasting lots of gas, and my trips from store to store are very quick. This past month, I went to 12 different stores, which is about 3 per week. Because my lists are fairly short at each place, it doesn't take long. I may come out of a store with 30 items, but rather than having 30 different items, I have maybe 10 items but 3 sets of each. You are buying multiple items (e.g., 5 packages of cresent rolls) because the store is having a good sale, and you have LOTS of coupons in order to get really low prices. Here are pictures of several of my shopping trips:

This was from a trip to Marsh. We heart Faygo cream soda...no caffiene!

This was from a combined trip to CVS and Walgreens. My favorite was the Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese for 99 cents...what a steal! Many of these items were free, though, which is always fun!

Here are my goods from another CVS and Walgreens trip. These are the only stores from where to buy batteries! They often have deals for 1.99 (final price after coupon).

This was maybe my favorite trip to Meijer ever! I got 12 cans of veggies, 9 boxes of cereal, 12+ packages of Pillsbury cresent rolls, Pillbury breadsticks, and Pillsbury french bread, 4 boxes of brownies, and others. Plus, you will see some fresh produce for Noah's baby food.

This was another trip to Meijer. The pizza rolls were only like 20 cents a piece after their deals and my coupons, though my 4 boxes of Pillsbury pie crusts was my favorite deal...10 cents a piece! You heard me correctly...it was the steal of the century!

A shopping trip to Walgreens while I waited for my prescriptions to be filled. All of the Garnier products were free...seriously.

Last but not least, this is my junk food trip to Kroger yesterday. They have deals for $5 off after you buy 10 eligible items. Well, when you have coupons for the ten items, plus Kroger doubles coupons under 50 cents, plus get the $5 off, you get lots of food for very little money!

Ok, so you get the point. Keep in mind that these pictures do not have every single product that I purchased because I forgot to take pictures sometimes, but it gives you a good idea about what my shopping trips look like and many of the items I did buy last month. The previous month I bought most of my beef and chicken to stock up, which is why there aren't pictures of those deals.

Are you ready to find out how much money I spent versus how much money I saved? Drum roll please.....

Total Value of Products: $867.41
Total Money Spent: $397.06
Total Money Saved: $470.35

This doesn't include the Extra Care Bucks (CVS), Register Rewards (Walgreens), and Rebate dollars (Walgreens) that I have toward future purchases next month.

Because we have stocked up to have enough toilet paper, batteries, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, makeup, razors, shaving cream, baby care products, canned goods, cereal, the list goes on and on, I can now lower my grocery budget and stock up on more frozen products. :)

Have I gotten your attention on how you using The Grocery Game can really help you save hundreds of dollars a month? If so, keep reading! This method of shopping isn't for everyone. If you have very little extra time to devote to getting your coupons and lists organized...and to go shopping at least once a week, then this isn't probably for you. Like my friend Beckie said, if you have more money than time, then this way of shopping won't be worth it for you. However, if you do like to get great deals, want to save your family money, and have some extra time, keep reading!

The Grocery Game can be found at this website: http://thegrocerygame.com/. Your can get a $1 trial for a month. Then it will cost anywhere from $10 every 8 weeks for one grocery list (e.g., Kroger) and $5 for each additional list. I tried to talk myself out of spending money to save money (didn't I Beckie?), but when I started seeing how easily I was saving money, I had to sign up for another month. By saving about $470 this month, I have easily paid for the $25 it cost me to get 4 lists: Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, and Meijer. There is a Walmart list, but I never shop there, so I don't pay for that one. The Grocery Game basically matches up sales for various stores with coupons that you get in your Sunday paper...so you get rock bottom prices. You can read the "rules" on the website for more information. It is well worth it!!!

If you decide to give it a shot, I would really appreciate you using me as a referral. Just put in my email address as your referral: amykabell (at) gmail (dot) com. As much as I like to get free weeks (I'll get 12 free weeks for every 3 people who continue on past the trial period), I really do believe in the program and want my friends and family to save money, too! I am happy to answer any of your questions. If you learn about the reward programs (Walgreens = Register Rewards and Rebates; CVS = Extra Care Bucks), you'll be in good shape. Happy shopping!!!

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