Bath Time

I love bath time for Noah! Ryan and I always give Noah a bath together, so it makes for fun family time. Here is a picture from Noah's second bath. He was probably 2 weeks old.

Don't you just love how swollen their little bellies are when they are first born? He was such a little snuggle bug. As you can see in the picture, Ryan had to hold Noah during his baths, or he would crumple down to the bottom of his little baby tub. Needless to say Ryan...I mean "we"...didn't pick a very good tub when we registered. :) (Seriously, I walked away for like 3 minutes to talk to a college friend who I bumped into at Babies R Us, and Ryan picked out the tub while I was gone). Anyway...it did make for a good excuse for us to have to give Noah a bath together.
Now that Noah is so big, probably 20 lbs. now, he has outgrown his baby bath tub. We tried to just put him in the tub by himself with Ryan there to support him, but Noah is just too wiggly right now. You can imagine trying to hold a wet, wiggly baby in place. It's like trying to hold melted butter! So, we invested in another safety item...Noah's new bath chair! It's so cute...he loves it...and it works great! It even has an elbow pad for the parents to use while lathering up their kid.

I think we got like 8 rubber duckies at our baby showers, and Noah loves all of them! I have a feeling he is going to love baths as he gets older. I know I did. My parents can vouch for me because I would take like 2 hour baths without any problem! I even had a Cabbage Patch doll that was built to go in the bathtub with me. Guess what I named him? RYAN! It's on video, so I can prove it. :)

Don't you just love his little curly top hair and sneaky little expression. I think he is plotting splashing us in this picture! I told Ryan this morning that I didn't think I could love Noah any more, but I totally do.

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