Almost 10 Months Old

One of the first times I found Noah standing in his crib.
I decoupaged his letters with fun scrapbooking paper. Aren't they cute?

How has a month passed already?? And more importantly, why haven't I been blogging this past month? Well, I have a very good explanation. Noah is on the move ALL of the time now! It's been a really fun month watching him become so quick, so much more coordinated, and so happy and proud of himself! People have asked me if I have felt sad that he isn't a tiny baby anymore, but I really haven't felt that way. Instead, I'm just so proud of him! I am so happy that he has figured out how to get from Point A to Point B. He really prefers to stand whenever possible, sliding across the furniture, baby gates, or walls. Before I know it, he'll be walking by himself! Ryan and I just keep saying to each other, "He's just getting so big!" Now that he's crawling, his little tummy is getting skinnier, and his once chubby baby hands are looking more like a little boy's hands. So cute! I'm going to post a series of blogs as I have some time today. What I thought was going to be a cold quickly turned into me losing my voice, getting a sore throat, etc., so Ryan is on baby duty, and I can catch up on blogs now that I'm feeling a little better. Stay tuned!

Does this picture have "I'm a stinker" written all over it or what?

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