Noah's 8 Month Pictures

Here is the link to see Noah's 8 month pictures: http://detailsportraitart.com/clients. You will need to put in an email address and password to create an account...then type in this access code: 4333c761. We're happy with the way they turned out! We ended up ordering just 6 pictures this time, but we love them. :)

Noah has really taken off with crawling the past few days. He is all over the place! He found Kya's water bowl and the stairs yesterday. So, needless to say, my days of rest while he is awake are over. For the past month or so, I've been saying "Drink Milk" in sign language to Noah just about every time he eats. About 2 days ago, we could've sworn that he signed "Milk" to me, but it's hard to tell because it looks a lot like the way he waves. Later that same night, he signed "Milk" and started crawling toward me with lightening speed. We were pretty sure it was him communicating but agian weren't completely sure. Well, this morning it definitely happened. Ryan was holding him right after he woke up. I signed to him, "Drink Milk", and he signed back, "Milk" and started leaning toward me. It was really cute! There is just something so much fun about him communicating to us with language rather than laughs and screams.

Ryan's friend, Jason, and his wife, Kim, had their first baby boy recently. Ryan and Jason have known each other since junior high. Ryan was born May 22, 1980, and Jason was born February 15, 1981. Well, Noah was born May 15, 2008, and Chase was born February 4, 2009, so it's like recreating the same amount of time between their birthdays. Anyway, we're excited for our little boys to grow up together. It's hard to believe that they are so different in size and development right now, but will be almost the same in just a year or two.


Lindsay said...

Love the pictures!!! My favorites are the ones of Ryan playing the guitar for Noah and the ones with Noah in his hat, TOO cute!!! You and Ryan looks great in your pics too :) What a beautiful family!!

Julie said...

That is one seriously cute baby boy:) Thanks for sharing your JOY!

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