Money Saving Madness

Did I mention that this money saving madness is very habit forming? I am really having so much fun saving our family money! If I can't make as much money as I did when working full time, then I might as well save as much as possible, right? I have a couple highlights that I wanted to mention.

First of all, I have been saving a $10 off Build-A-Bear coupon for a year or two. We had bought our nieces bears and some accessories for their birthdays and Christmas a while back. For their rewards program, we had earned a $10 certificate. Even though Ryan gave me a hard time for saving it for so long, he was SO glad that I decided to keep it b/c we had so much fun getting Noah his very first Build-A-Bear. We took Noah to the mall wearing these jammies and picked out "Teddy Bear Roar"...or just "Roar" for short. We walked around the mall eating our BOGO (buy one get one) Free Auntie Anne's pretzels, while Noah squeezed his new furry friend. It was SO sweet! The total cost of Roar was a mere 70 cents. :)

A second highlight was filing our tax return! I have HATED doing my taxes ever since I first began working. I have painful memories of sitting down with forms, W-2's, a calculator, etc., wanting to pull my hair out every other minute. Thanks to Tax Act, a program that only costs $16.95 to file your state and federal taxes, finishing our taxes was not only quick but also very stress free! God has blessed us so much this year with our return!!! We are excited to be so close to being debt free, with the exception of our mortgage. Thank you God!

I made a big shopping trip a week ago to Walgreens, CVS, and Meijer. Although I didn't take pictures this time, I do have the total value of the products, total amount spent, total saved, and total money earned for future purchases through rebates, extra care bucks, and register rewards.

Total Value: $220.47
Total Spent: $134.23
Total Saved with coupons and sales: $86.24
Total Money Earned for Future Spending: $42.46

Isn't that so exciting???

The last thing I wanted to share happened today. By turning in 3 old cell phones to http://flipswap.com/, we earned $53.78 in an Amazon Gift Certificate. We then exchanged 80,000 points from our National City Points account (we still have over 50,000 more points) for an additional $200 in Amazon Gift Certificates, totalling $253.78 to put toward purchases from Amazon. Britax Marathon car seats are REALLY nice AND safe car seats, but they cost LOTS of money. Amazon is currently running a sale on the Britax car seats. So, we were able to purchase Noah's next car seat, the last Harry Potter hardback book I need to complete the series, and a bowl/spoon set for Noah for a grand total of $253.77. Talk about spending to the very penny! I can't wait until our free purchases come in the mail!!!

So, who's ready to join me in money saving madness?? Anyone? Anyone?

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Mandy and Jerry said...

Wow Amy, great job! I think I must come to your blog each week to get my lesson in saving money, hahaha!!!

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