9 Months Old

Playing on the stairs
Can you believe Noah is 9 months old? As excited as I am that Spring is around the corner, it reminds me that Noah will be a year old before I know it. CRAZY! He had his 9 month check up with Dr. Gloyeske on Tuesday. It was the first time I've taken him to the doctor, and he hasn't had to get any shots. It was wonderful! At this appointment, Noah weighed 19 lbs., 2 1/2 oz. and was 27 1/2 inches tall. This puts him in the 25th percentile for both weight and height...and people call him chunky. He's just a little guy compared to others his age! :) I think most of his weight must be in those cheeks.

Hanging out with Cousin Micah - Thanks for the matching outfits, Mama & Papa!

Noah is crawling everywhere! Of course, although crawling has been fun for him, apparently it's not good enough for him because now all he wants to do is stand up and walk along furniture, the stairs, his crib, etc. It's so much fun to see him gain so much independence! He seems to be eating much faster...10 to 15 minutes on most occasions. I have been a little worried about it, and then right before I started to write this post, I read this on a handout that the doctor gave me: "If your baby's interest in nursing is decreasing, don't take this as a sign that he's ready to stop. Weaning is a gradual process." PHEW! I'm so glad to see that! I just don't want to have to give him formula because 1) I'm too cheap since I haven't had to buy any for the past 9 months, 2) I don't want to clean bottles, and 3) it just isn't as good for him as breastmilk. So, we'll see what the next 3 months bring! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! Isn't he getting so big?!

Waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs

Chasing me around the house

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iniquity27 said...

we can't wait to see him next weekend

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