One of My Favorite Things

Before Noah was born, Ryan and I were having a conversation about what it would be like when Noah was in his crib and we were downstairs watching TV. How would we know he was ok if we couldn't see him? Sure, we would be able to hear him through the monitor, and yes, they do make monitors now with little TV sets where you can see the baby, too. However, I read some reviews on those, and they weren't that great. I am a pretty paranoid person, clinically even according to a personality assessment called the MMPI-2 that I took in grad school. :) Anyway, so I told Ryan that I would probably have to go up and down the stairs every 10 minutes just to know Noah was ok while he was in his crib. So, Ryan came up with a solution. He found a wireless video camera to install above Noah's crib so that we could see Noah on our 52" flat screen TV. GENIOUS! We have used the camera every single day since Noah was 2 weeks old, which is when he started sleeping in his crib. Here is a picture to show you why I love it so much. When Noah starts crying, we know why he is crying. Maybe he is just trying to fall asleep, or maybe his arm or leg is stuck outside of the crib. It has night vision and is truly the best thing ever!

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