Noah's First Birthday Party

What's a birthday party without Mickey Mouse balloons??

Noah meeting Baby Kayla for the first time

On Saturday night, Ryan, Noah, and I headed out the door for Noah's first birthday party for his little buddy, Jackson. Jackson's mom, Candace, watches Noah on Thursdays while I'm at work. With Noah's birthday less than 4 months away, I've definitely been thinking about how we're going to celebrate. I go back and forth between thinking "It's his first birthday...let's have a big party!" and "He's only 1 year old...we'll just have a party with family and maybe some close friends." So, when we pulled up to Candace's house and saw about 10-15 cars parked along the road, it definitely hit me that this was a BIG party! I am not even sure how many people were there, but I'm going to guess 30-40 including children. Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday party if Noah didn't end up covered in Pepsi! :) Yes, he grabbed Ryan's drink and spilled it all over the two of them. It was hilarious! We stuffed ourselves with hot dogs, cupcakes, chips, soda, and Baja burgers. Noah got Jackson a Dr. Seuss book and a stuffed animal...both from Kohls. I really like the idea of getting kids books and a small toy, and proceeds from the books and stuffed animals at Kohls supports health and educational opportunities for kids. For more information, look here. We had to leave the party at about 7:30 p.m. because Noah was getting sleepy. We loaded him up in his new big boy car seat...it's HUGE...and went home. Here are some pictures from the night...enjoy!
Noah and Mommy!

Candace and Jackson (with his faux hawk) surrounded by kids while opening presents

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