I Love Snow Days!

Remember that feeling from when you were a kid...when there were inches of snow on the ground, and you were just praying for that school was closed? Yeah, I still get that feeling! It's a HUGE perk when working as an educator. :) Anyway, my phone rang at 5:15 a.m. to say that school was closed today. I fell back to sleep as fast as I could because I don't care how old I get...I still love to sleep in whenever I can! Noah woke me up at 8 o' clock, and we started our day.
It seemed like the perfect opportunity to make him some more baby food since I bought all that delicious produce last night. I'll wait a bit before using the organic bananas so they have a chance to ripen a bit more. I made the pears first because they are so easy and quick. Five pears made two full trays of baby food. Then, I worked on the peaches. I checked http://wholesomebabyfood.com/ for an idea about how to make them.
First it said to take the peaches and cut an "X" into the skin. Then, I boiled them (X side down) in a large pan filled with one inch of water until they seemed soft.
I then put them in the sink in order to run cold water over them while I pulled the peels off. This was supposed to be easier than it was...the "X" was supposed to help. However, I found it really difficult and ended up using a peeler in the end.
I cut the fruit off the pit and threw the good stuff in the blender. I didn't even have to add any water because they had plenty of their own juices to help puree everything.
My final product: two trays of peaches for Noah! They will be yummy alone but also great for mixing with other fruit. For example, I can just take a frozen cube of pears and one of peaches, microwave them together, and mix. PERFECT!
While I was making the baby food, Ryan was busy for 1 1/2 hours shoveling our driveway! When he was done, he took Noah outside to play in the snow for the first time. It was so cute!! Of course, we were only out there for maybe 3 minutes, but we got some cute pictures to remember the event. Enjoy!

Getting on his snow suit (Thanks Aunt Kelli!)

Quick picture with Daddy and the snowy neighborhood

Noah sitting in the snow

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Mandy and Jerry said...

Yum those peaches look yummy for Noah!! I bet he's gonna love them! You gotta love the snow days:) We did the same thing with Bella yesterday in the snow, LOL!!!

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