Six Months Old

Our little man is six months old today! Noah eats five times a day, sleeps 11 hours at night, is rolling over both ways, and is starting to pull up his knees to crawl. He is such a good boy! I am now starting to understand why moms cry when their babies turn one year old. It's an inevitable milestone, but I know I'll be sad to say goodbye to Noah being a baby! He has been such an easy addition to our family...plenty of sleep, happy disposition, laid back personality, etc. It makes me scared to know what Baby #2 will be like someday. You can only be so lucky!

Today is going to be a busy day for us. We have a baby shower in Anderson with one of Ryan's friends from high school. Then, a different friend from Carmel and his wife are coming to stay the night and to go to church with us. It will be a fun day! Because we're going to be all over the place, we decided to go ahead and give Noah his first serving of carrots. He did great! I was amazed at how much food there really is in one carrot ice cube. He ate almost all of it after already having his milk! That probably helps to explain the cheeks. :) Anyway, here is a video for you to enjoy.



A New Milestone

Noah will be 6 months on Saturday! Can you believe it? He reached a new milestone today to make the occasion. See video below:


Sorry about the "You did it! You did it!" I tend to get a little overly excited with the simple things in life these days. We were just so proud of him. Of course, now he wants to spend all of his time rolling from his stomach to his back, even though his poor little neck gets so tired. He can roll back onto his back sometimes, but other times he just gets stuck. We were all excited about his new milestone until we put him to bed. He started fussing and crying, so we turned on our TV (we have a video camera above his crib). We found him face down in his crib with his arm completely stuck between two of the bars. POOR GUY! Ryan went racing up the stairs to get him...scared us to pieces! Anyway, I'm worried about him doing this all throughout the night. If he gets stuck on his tummy, I don't know what else to do but go fix him. Any advice from people who've been there before?

Another fun thing is Noah getting his first two bottom teeth! Yep, they popped up just the other day and are razor sharp. Luckily, he hasn't bitten me yet. I was expecting way more slobber, crying, a fever, diaper rash, etc. when they started to pop up, but no...he was just fine. Same ol' same ol'.

The only other story I haven't written about happened a couple weeks ago. Noah hadn't poo'd in TEN DAYS! Can you even imagine?? We were seriously scared, but Noah didn't seem upset at all. He poo'd on a Saturday, and by Wednesday, our sitter was like, "Watch out. Noah's gas has been really bad today, and I think he's going to poop soon." She told us that she checkd his diaper 3 or 4 times before he stunk so bad that she thought he had pooped. No such luck! Well, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday went by without any poop. I was really starting to worry! Finally, on Tuesday morning, Noah was playing in his jumperoo when I smelled it. I laid him down on his back, pumped his legs a few times to make sure he got it all out, and ran to get a plastic sack to throw away the diaper...knowing it would be HUGE. Well, huge isn't even the right word to describe it! I seriously had to get out the scissors and CUT Noah's oneside off his body. There was poop EVERYWHERE, and I know that if I tried to pull it off over his head, he would be covered with it even more. Twenty wipes later, I got him cleaned up. I gave him a quick bath, and put him down for a nap. He slept for TWO HOURS. He was one tired puppy!!! He may stink sometimes, but he is the cutest little guy ever!


A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Even though Noah has only been alive for 5 1/2 months, I feel like he has already lived through some really big events in our history. First, Indiana experienced some HUGE storms that resulted in record flooding in many areas. Thank goodness his name was Noah...we felt safe and sound from the flood...even without the Ark! :) Second, our country is experiencing the biggest financial crisis since The Great Depression. Third, we just elected our country's first African American president...something that is truly significant and exciting! Like I said, one picture says a thousand words! :)


First Bites

We've hit a huge milestone...time for Noah to start eating solids! :) I got a lot of direction for introducing foods into Noah's diet from Babywise (the second book). We decided to go ahead and give him organic rice cereal once a day for a week...and then three times a day the following week before beginning veggies on November 15th, when Noah is 6 months old. We had gotten family portraits taken with Ryan's family on Saturday and afterward went back to Ryan's parents' house to celebrate his dad's birthday. It was the perfect time to give Noah his first bites of cereal! He did a really good job, too...no choking, spitting, or the like!

Today I made the first batch of Noah's veggies. After two weeks of having only cereal, he is going to get to try 4 different "orange/yellow" vegetables over the course of two weeks. I bought 2 lbs. of organic carrots, 3 sweet potatoes, a butternut squash, and 2 pumpkins. I spent about $10 total, so you can just imagine how much money we're going to save making his food. A friend of mine said that just with the first batch of food she made, she saved about $150. Isn't that incredible?? I know people worry about not having enough time to make the food, but it really only took about 3 hours total (including some breaks to play with Noah). It was SUPER easy, too! I tasted all of it, and it made me all the more excited for Noah to eat it soon. Here is the process for making carrots:

Peel and chop carrots

I put them into my bamboo steamer ($15) over some boiling water in the wok. There are two levels to this steamer, so you can work with a lot of food! I steamed each veggie for 20 minutes.

Put carrots in the blender and add water from the wok until desired consistency

Spoon into ice cube trays and freeze. Once they are frozen, I will put the cubes into freezer bags with the date. We'll have three months to use the food I prepared today.
Next up...peas, green beans, zuccinis, and avocados!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Trick or Treat!

Halloween was fun this year! I know Noah isn't old enough to really understand the concept of dressing up and eating enough candy to make your teeth rot, but we still had a great time together. Ryan grabbed some pizzas at Papa Johns, and we sat in our driveway passing out candy and munching on pizza. The weather was perfect, and Noah was such a good little boy in his dragon costume! It really doesn't take much to make me happy. Eating pizza out of the box with my boys is all I need to fill my cup. :)

It's November Already?

This is me having a hard time letting go of Noah before work one morning.

Wow! Where has the time gone? Noah is just a couple weeks away from being 6 months old, and I honestly can't believe it. So many things have happened, but I was too busy reading ALL of Stephanie Meyer's books (Twilight Saga). They were the BEST books I have read in a really long time. In fact, I'm honestly considering reading them all over again. Because I was busy reading nearly 2,000 pages over the past 3 weeks or so, I didn't blog at all about Noah's life. Trust me, that's not all that got put to the side during my obsessive reading. Fortunately, Ryan was really supportive and encouraged me to just relax and read all I wanted! Here are some of my favorite pictures of Noah, Mommy, and Daddy time.
I had a Women's Retreat at church, so Ryan stayed home with Noah for a day
and a half. Looks like Noah was having a good time! :)
Oh my goodness...could he be any sweeter??? I love this picture!

Noah all bundled up to take Kya on a walk on a chilly Fall day!

Guess who I look like?
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