I'm FOUR Months Old!

I can't believe that FOUR months have gone by since Noah was born. Look how much he has changed!
Noah coming home from the hospital

Noah at 4 months old

What Happens in a Week's Time

Only a week has passed since I last wrote, and lots of different things have happened. Noah had his second round of DTaP and Rotavirus, and he did really well this time around...probably the best he has done so far! He wasn't fussy at all that day, which was a relief. It helps reinforce he decision to spread out his shots! We'll see if the HiB, Pneumococcal, and Polio bother him a lot this next time in mid-October. Dr. Gloyeske is such a great pediatrician! I couldn't be more pleased. He is probably the first medical person I have really liked and trusted in many years. That feels good! Noah weighed 15 lbs., 3 oz., so he's growing really well. Noah seems to like the doctor, too, which is always an added bonus.

Ryan and I did go on our date Friday night, and my mom watched Noah overnight. We decided to go see Little Shop of Horrors afterall at the Indianapolis Civic Theatre, and it was so much fun! I watched that musical a ga-zillion times growing up. I loved singing along from our third row seats. I think I smiled for the first 45 minutes straight! We had a great time. On the way home, we were both getting a little sad about not being able to see before going to bed. BUT, we also know it's so important to make time for just the two of us without him. It was worth it because we had such a nice night together...and a full night of uninterrupted sleep. While it's true that Noah does sleep 9-10 hours every night, he also makes little sounds while he sleeps...and somtimes wakes up crying. So, you are constantly hearing those sounds. When he starts crying, we can usually put his pacifier in his mouth, and he'll stop crying, so that's nice. I never have to feed him in the middle of the night. I told Dr. Gloyeske that we were still swaddling him but that I knew we would need to stop since in the next couple months he will be rolling over from his back to his belly. The doctor agreed and suggested just swaddling him up to his chest...leaving his arms out. It would give Noah the sensation of being squeeze tight, but should he roll over, he would have his arms. I was so worried about Noah not being able to sleep, but he's doing pretty well so far! When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he is SCREAMING like crazy, but he does calm down after a few minutes. I don't think he's sleeping as soundly yet, but hopefully he'll get the hang of it.

Well, I think I'll keep it short today. Noah is starting to stir...he really should sleep for another 45 minutes, but I know it's just harder now that we don't swaddle him. Oh well! Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Long Time No Write...

Noah after a bath.

Sorry that it's taken me a couple weeks to write more in our blog. Sometimes I love writing and other times, I dread it. So today I thought I'd write something quickly and post some new pictures of Noah. Over the weekend, my friend Jessica came in from out of town to meet Noah. I didn't know it prior to her visit, but I was WAY OVERDUE for some girl time! I mean, I get to spend time with my girlfriends pretty often, but Noah is always with me. He's relatively easy to have around at this stage. It just makes it difficult to have a conversation when I have to be half paying attention to him, too. So, this past weekend was just what I needed! One of the best parts about Jess coming is something very exciting. When she walked up to my front door, I gave her a big hug and said, "Oh my gosh, Jess, I'm hugging all four of you!" Yes, I said "all four" because she is expecting TRIPLETS...spontaneous triplets nonetheless!! Can you even imagine? It's all so very exciting and crazy at the same time. The great thing is, she and her husband have been together since they were 14 and 15 years old. They have had the past 12 years to build an amazing foundation in their relationship, went to undergrad and grad school together, and have had a happy marriage for the past 2 1/2 years. They have all of the tools needed to have three little ones born all at the same time. Did I mention that I love these people?? Anyway, it was just so fun to talk about the future with her, as she is one of the most organized people I know. I truly believe that God brought she and her husband together 12 years ago, each with their own unique qualities, in order to prepare them for this very situation. I had a few things I wanted to accomplish during Jess' visit. First, now that her nausea is gone, I wanted to fill her belly with delicious food. Second, I wanted to pamper her, so I gave her some Burt's Bees Belly Butter, and we got pedicures! Third, I wanted to talk, talk, talk....and I think we easily accomplished that last one. :) Ryan's mom came down on Saturday and watched Noah for about 4 hours, and it was the perfect amount of time for Jess and I to have some time to ourselves (Thanks again, Gloria!). It was the first girl time that I've had without Noah since he's been born! I didn't even realize it until we were in the middle of our pedicures. I will have to do that more often now that he's a little older! All in all, it was a great visit. I am so thankful that I've experienced pregnancy and life with a newborn. I feel that much more prepared in helping Jess throughout her pregnancy and once her little ones arrive. I can't wait to meet the Moore triplets!

Soooo sleepy!

Noah is getting to be such a fun kid! He is showing more and more personality every single day. He just jabbers and jabbers to himself while he plays, and if you mimic him, he'll smile really big! Makes you wonder what he is saying, huh? He is belly laughing now, too, which is SO hysterical! I can't tell you how great it feels when your child smiles or laughs...it's the best! We tried to load the video onto my computer so that I could upload it to this blog, but for some reason, the audio doesn't work. If we ever figure it out, I'll make sure to post it.

Noah and Ryan before the first Colt's game.

Ryan and I are going on a date Saturday...and I am very much looking forward to it! We were given a really generous gift card to the Hyatt, so we're going to treat ourselves to a great dinner at Eagle's Nest and probably a movie. We thought about going to see Little Shop of Horrors, but I'm not sure I want to spend the money...even if dinner is free. :) We are due for a fun night out together! I think my mom is going to watch Noah overnight, so that will be fun, too.

My parents came for a quick visit on Sunday, and it was great to see them again. They haven't had an overnight stay at our house since Noah was born, so they are coming down in a couple weeks. It will be so nice to have an extended visit with them! Here are some pictures they took of Noah yesterday. Enjoy!

Last but not least, we had Noah's 3 month pictures taken a few weeks ago, and they turned out great! To check them out, follow these steps:

Go to http://detailsportraitart.com/ Click "Enter Site"
Click "Clients"
Enter password: nabell (case sensitive)
There is a slideshow of pictures! :)

Hope you like them!
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