Hilton Head, SC

Mommy and Noah reading a book during a layover

The last week was exactly what this family needed! Ryan, Noah, and I went on vacation to Hilton Head, SC with Ryan's family. His mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, and three nieces and nephews were all there. I joined his family after Ryan and I had been dating for only 18 months...I was 20 years old, so it was wild to be down there again...with a baby! :) After some GREAT advice from friends, we decided to fly down rather than make the long drive. Ryan's parents packed all of our gear (who knew a baby needed so much?!?!) and drove down, picking us up at the airport soon after our plane touched down. It was the best! You know those cooking shows when the person puts something in the oven, and TA-DAH, it's finished baking seconds later? Well, that's how I felt! We reached the Savannah airport and our family and bags were all magically there! :) Noah was such a good boy on the plane and during layovers. We took our Baby Bjorn carrier (this brand is worth the money you pay for it!) for Noah, which really worked out well. No pushing a stroller...or carrying a carseat. He just rode on the front of my body and slept comfortably there...like so:

When the plane would take off, if Noah was awake, I would just start nursing him...thanks to Ryan who would help cover me up. :) This helped with the pressure in Noah's ears. He usually fell asleep while feeding him, so I'd just let him sleep until it was time to land. If he started to fuss at all, I'd just start feeding him again to help him with the pressure changes again. It was easy as pie! In fact, I told Ryan that might be the easiest we travel until Noah's like ten years old. :) I've been assured by a friend that it can still be easy when their older, so I'm hopeful for many more peaceful trips ahead!

All week long, we just got to RELAX, RELAX, RELAX. Usually on vacation, I like to sleep in, hang out at the pool/beach, take naps, and then go out each day to do something fun. Having Noah has really changed that! I am so used to staying inside at home quite a bit and making trips out or doing fun things less often than before he was born, and honestly, I don't mind a bit! I really love spending time with him, and getting out to be with friends or to do something fun just once in a while is fine by me! Each day, Ryan's parents would watch Noah for a couple hours between feedings so that Ryan and I could go to the pool or beach. It was wonderful to just have that short break to get some sun and spend time with Ryan and his sister's family. :) We went out to eat a couple times with Ryan's family, and Noah was such a good boy! He just slept in his carseat the entire time, even at Fuddruckers (http://fuddruckers.com/), which was a REALLY loud restaurant. Kind of made us laugh at ourselves for asking people to be somewhat quiet while Noah took naps at the condo...hehe!

After dinner at Hugo's ... I love filet mignon and my husband (not necessarily in that order)!

One night, Ryan and I went to see Batman: The Dark Knight. It was INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend it! During the movie, I remember thinking to myself, "Let's just pretend that it's just Ryan and me again...that Noah was never born...and it's just the two of us out on a date." I honestly couldn't do it! As much as I tried to imagine it, Noah's sweet face just kept creeping into my mind. Then I realized...he has changed me. I don't think I had felt that way before...but he has. I'm someone I've never been before. I'm a mom. I'm Noah's mom. And just thinking that made me feel good inside! He has changed my heart...making me less selfish, more self-sacrificing, and more patient than I've ever been. It's funny how God can do that...take the person that you are and present you with experiences that change the very core of who you are and how you behave. My entire life, I have struggled with selfishness and patience. I don't know if it's any worse than anyone else (this is me being prideful...another thing I don't like), but those are two darker parts of me that have been difficult to swallow. Noah has helped me become a better person...challenged me to be better than I've ever been...so that I can be a good mother for him. I like that! My friend Beckie talked about those ideas in the video message she had for me (my Mother's Day gift from Ryan), and she was so right! It really resonated with me during my date night with Ryan...and it felt great!

Loungin' at the beach

We took Noah to the beach one morning. We had bought a little tent for him to nap in or hang out in if he was in a good mood. Unfortunately, Noah still hasn't figured out how to sleep well on his back without his swaddle blanket, so he didn't hang out in there for too long. Instead, we took a walk down the beach ang spent time together. On two other occasions, we took Noah to the pool. It was so fun! He had these cute little board shorts and a surfer shirt that Ryan picked out at Old Navy...too adorable! We weren't sure that how he'd take to the cold water, having never been in cold water before. He shivered for a few seconds at first, and then after that, he seemed to like it just fine! His little diaper made his butt float, so we'd just sway him back and forth in the water. He seemed to enjoy it, even though he was a stone face (see below) the whole time! It wasn't until the second time in the pool that he started to splash a little bit and began to show some different expressions. When it was time to get out of the pool with Noah, we would strip him naked, put on a fresh diaper, and wrap him up tight as a burrito in a towel. After the second time in the pool, Noah fell asleep before we even got to the elevator of our condo. All in all, the pool was a success, especially since he slept a TON the rest of the day!! :) Note to self...get that kid to our community pool!

I love my family!

How cute is that swim suit?!

Snug as a bug after getting out of the pool!

All cozy for his post-pool time nap!

This vacation with Ryan's family made me feel so excited to watch Noah grow up with his Tousins...I mean cousins. :) These are our nieces and nephew, Mady, Mikayla, and Micah. We were really excited to have a boy for Micah (age 3) to play with. Micah calls Noah "Baby Tousin (pronounced Tuzzin) Noah". It's SOOO cute! I can't wait to take pictures like this of the kids as they grow older together. This one below is definitely wedding slide show material!! I think that a lot...how pictures I'm taking now might be used in Noah's future wedding slide show. CRAZY!

You know what the absolute, hands down, best part of vacation was? Spending time with Ryan and Noah as a family. Ryan hasn't been able to be home with us since Noah was first born, and Noah was a completely different baby at that time. He has changed so much, and things are so much easier now! It gave Ryan the chance to bond with Noah...to spend more time with him, playing and hanging out. Ryan was such a huge help with baths, changing diapers, getting Noah down for naps, etc. It was just the time we needed as a family! I couldn't be happier with the family God has blessed me with, and I'm excited to go through life with Ryan and Noah at my side.

This is my happy ending.


Gotta Slow Down...

Ever since Noah was born, we have (for the most part) continued to live our lives just like we had before he was born. We wanted to make sure we got to do all of the fun things we used to do, as often we had before. After keeping up with that kind of life for the past two months, I have realized that we are just wearing ourselves out! During the week, we have been hanging out with friends/family, attending our small group Bible study meetings, Ryan's been going to practice at church, etc. Then, one the weekends, when we typically catch up on all the things we didn't accomplish throughout the week, we've been busy, too. Every weekend since Noah's birth, we have had at least one commitment with our family and/or friends, so we haven't had much time to get things done, let alone relax at home. Don't get me wrong, we have had a GREAT time in the moment! It has been so fun to spend time with the people we love the most. On the flipside, that kind of lifestyle is really beginning to take its toll on all three of us and our responsibilities at home. For the past week, Noah has just been fussier than usual, and for the past two weeks, he has been wanting to wake up out of his naps after 20-45 minutes...when he should be sleeping for an hour to an hour and a half. This doesn't leave me much time to get anything done during the day! Plus, after the two wedding receptions this weekend and not feeding Noah or pumping for those several hours, my body must have been learning that it didn't need to produce as much milk because my supply seems to have dropped quite a bit. Last week, I could pump 3-4 oz. after feeding Noah, but for the past two days, I have barely gotten 1 oz. after his feedings. So, yesterday we spent the day on the couch, resting, cuddling, and chugging water. :) Noah wouldn't sleep unless I was holding him, which only affirms my thoughts even more. We are just doing too much and not taking care of ourselves very well.

So, with that said, we leave for vacation on Sunday with Ryan's family! I am hoping that we all have the chance to relax and rest and just enjoy ourselves. Hopefully it won't disrupt Noah's routine too much because he sure does get cranky! It will be so nice to have his family there to love on Noah and to help take care of him. I plan to finish packing today, so pray that Noah cooperates with that plan! :) When we get back from vacation, I only have about a week and a half until I go back to work. I plan to RELAX and REST! We just can't keep living the way we have because it's not good for any of us...even if it has been fun. As much as I want to be able to live life like we used to, I know that things have to change. That doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be a change for the worse...or that I'm upset about the changes...it's what is best for our family. We can't keep making plans and carting the little guy along all the time. It's been an exciting and eventful summer, and hopefully the next few weeks will give us all time to recuperate and center. You have to take care of your family first, and everything after that is just fun, extra stuff that sweetens life! :)


The Great Debate

Noah was so brave for his shots today!

Noah became two months old yesterday, which is an exciting milestone for us! He is smiling all of the time and is sleeping really well at night on most occasions. On the flip side, hitting the two month mark also means getting vaccines. Now you hear in the news all the time about the great debate with autism. Are vaccines somehow causing or contributing to the high rates of autism we have now. Since I work as a school psychologist, I see lots of kids with autism and understand what kinds of challenges these kids and their families face over time. As much as I want to believe that vaccines have nothing to do with the rates of autism increasing to 1 out of 150 kids, no one knows for sure what is causing it to increase. In my mind, I believe that we are all predisposed to get certain types of diseases/conditions due to our genetic makeup. Whether or not any of those conditions surface depends on our environment. Something in the environment may trigger a condition, in this case possibly a high fever from getting a vaccine. Again, these are just my thoughts! So, if Noah is predisposed to getting autism or have any other types of developmental challenges, I want to make sure that I do what I can to prevent the environmental trigger.

Kids today just get so many shots. Today, Noah was supposed to get immunized against Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (DTaP), Haemophilus Influenzae Type b (Hib), Inactivated Polio (IPV), Pneumococcal (PCV), and Rotavirus. In case you didn't count, that makes EIGHT different diseases. Can you imagine getting shots that would take care of eight diseases all in one day? I think that's enough to wear out anyone. Not only is a child scheduled to receive eight vaccinations (some of them in combination shots so the child doesn't get poked as much), but they are supposed to get them at 2, 4, and 6 months to build up complete immunity. That is a lot!

I was talking to a girlfriend last night who has been really cautious about vaccinations because I wanted her opinion. She made some really good points, one of which was about the Hepatitis B virus. If Hep B is only transmitted through bodily fluids (e.g., blood), during intercourse, and/or through sharing needles, why would Noah need to have a Hep B shot now?? I joked with the doctor that I don't expect him to experiment with those things until at least preschool! Again, it was a joke. :) So, I told the doctor that I don't want Noah to have his Hep B vaccine until later down the road. I didn't get mine until I was leaving for college, and while we probably won't wait that long, it will be awhile still.

With that one off the list, I asked Dr. Gloyeske about Rotavirus, which sends several hundred thousand children to the hospital each year due to severe diarrhea and dehydration. Only 74% of kids who get the rotavirus vaccine are actually immunized against rotavirus, meaning that 26% of kids will still get it. I asked Dr. Gloyeske his opinion, and he highly recommended it, staying that out of those 26% of kids who do get rotavirus, 95% of them will NOT go to the hospital, meaning it is manageable at home. With that said, I felt comfortable and happy to have Noah receive the Rotavirus vaccine. As a bonus, I learned that it is given orally, so that was one less poke for Noah. :) I also felt comfortable with Noah getting the DTaP vaccine today, too. It takes care of three different diseases. Since it can have bigger side effects than some of the other shots, Ryan and I felt comfortable getting just that shot this morning. Noah will then get the polio, Hib, and neumococcal vaccines next month. Rather than getting everything at once during 2, 4, and 6 month visits, this is how we decided to do it:

2 months: DTaP and Rotavirus
3 months: Hib, Polio, and PCV
4 months: DTaP and Rotavirus
5 months: Hib, Polio, and PCV
6 months: DTaP and Rotavirus
7 months: Hib, Polio, and PCV

This means that Noah will vaccinated against 3-4 diseases/conditions each month for six months. I hate the idea of taking him in each month for shots, but I feel more worried about him getting everything in 3 visits.

When it came time for Noah to drink the Rotavirus vaccine, he did great! No problems there. I dipped one of his pacifiers in a little bit of sugar. Right before he was about to get stuck with the DTaP shot, I gave him the pacifier. What was pure joy was quickly followed by Noah looking like a deer in headlights when the nurse poked him! :( Then, he just screamed! :( She finished administering the shot and told me to cuddle with him. I put the pacifier back in his mouth and held him, telling him he was so brave. He quit crying right away! PHEW! Two things make me feel SOOO good as a mom. One, Noah smiling at me. Two, picking him up when he's crying and being able to comfort him. It's bliss! After he had calmed down, we went to a different room where I fed him. Noah slipped right into a milk coma and was relaxed as could be. I loaded him in the car seat, and put him in my CR-V. I stopped for a second to look at him, and he was awake. I said, "Noah, I love you so much, and I hope mommy and daddy did the right thing for you today." He just gave me the BIGGEST smile ever, and it was at that moment I knew that we did the right thing.

I just couldn't resist this onesie!


Stories Told Through Pictures...

It seems like the adventures with Noah are happening faster than I can write about in this blog, so I think I'll just share some pictures to go along with short descriptions of the stories. :)

Our first theme party as a family!

My Aunt Marlene, my cousin Brian, Noah, and me
On Saturday night, my Aunt Marlene had her wedding reception...a luau in her backyard complete with Hawaiian attire and a hog roast. This was our first theme party as a family, and I must say, we looked pretty darn cute! I love that Noah looks like he's posing with his fist under his chin...too funny! We had a really good time visiting with my family, and Noah behaved himself pretty well. We took two bottles with us so that I didn't have to worry about feeding him throughout the reception. Well, for those of you who are still new to the breastfeeding world (like me), just because you don't feed your baby doesn't mean you stop producing milk! Oh my Lord! By the time we left the party, I had felt my milk let down three times, and then I felt it a couple more times on the way home. By the time we were only 2 minutes from the house, I though I was going to die!! I fed Noah as soon as we got home to get some relief and then again a couple hours later. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. feeling as though my chest was going to explode and sprinted downstairs to the breast pump. I got 6 1/2 ounces, which is a record for me! Just think, a full size bottle is 8 oz., so I was nearly there. YIKES! No wonder I was hurting so bad.

On Sunday, my mom and her husband celebrated their recent wedding with a reception at their house. It was a PERFECT day...blue skies, warm temperature, and no humidity! I wish I had taken pictures, but unfortunately Noah was having a really fussy day. It left me little time to think about pictures. :( If he was sleeping or eating, Noah was happy. BUT, if he was awake, he was usually crying. Those make for some long days! My mom's coworker got her this cute little thing for Noah to lay in outside that has toys hanging above him to keep his attention, but it also has some netting around it so that the bugs won't bother him. Now that's what I call an invention! He was happy as a clam in there! My mom and Kent offered to watch Noah OVERNIGHT Friday so that Ryan and I can go to a drive in movie (the new Batman), but I'm just not too sure yet! I completely trust them to watch him, but I've never been away from him overnight. Of course, after the past few days of fussiness, I might be ready for a break! :)

Noah having some tummy time with his daddy.

My friends Erin, Sara, and Michella and I having dinner Monday night

My friend Michella is in from Massachusetts for about a month, and since Noah's feeding schedule makes it a little difficult to hang out with my friends, the girls drove to the southside of Indy for dinner so we could hang out. We met at Cheeseburger in Paradise and had a great time! Noah was such a good little boy you barely new he was there. Can you see his car seat hiding behind me? He just slept the whole time so that we could just enjoy ourselves! It was a much needed visit with my friends. I love picking right back up where we left off...that's how you know you have good friends! :) After dinner, Michella, Sara, Noah, and I went to Mrs. Curls (http://www.mrscurl.com/) to get some ice cream. I gave Noah a bottle for the first time (again, I had been putting that off so that I wouldn't confuse him with the whole breastfeeding and bottle feeding thing). He did just fine! Since I didn't feed him at all while we were out, I felt like I was going to explode again when I got home. I pumped over 5 oz., and then he woke up from his nap. So, Ryan fed him the bottle, and that little chubbster ate the whole thing! Yep, he is just growing like crazy these days, getting chunkier and chunkier. I am already missing the teeny tiny baby he used to be!

The last two pictures are clothes were given to us by one of my stepmom's friends. She sent FIVE boxes full of clothes down on Saturday, and I can't believe all of the good stuff we got. We have clothes from 3-6 months (which is what Noah wears now) all the way to 2T. We are seriously in good shape!!! Plus, before going through these clothes, our friends Tim and Beckie let us go through two HUGE tupperware containers of clothes, too. I mean, we are seriously set in terms of clothes right now. As fun as it is to buy clothes, I'd rather save the money and put it toward fun trips to the zoo, Children's Museum, movies, etc. All of the stuff we were give is in such good shape, and I can't wait to see him in these outfits as time goes on. We even got a little outfit for really dressy occasions, complete with dress pants, white dress shirt, and matching vest and neck tie. TOO CUTE!

Noah slept 8 out of the past 10 nights, one of which lasted 9 hours!!! Can you believe that? It was incredible. With all of our crazy adventures lately, visiting with friends and family, I think we're due to just stay home for a few days. Noah has been really cranky all day today. I think I'm just pushing him too much with this busy schedule. We leave for Hilton Head on Sunday, so hopefully we can just relax until the big flight Sunday morning. Wish us luck!


Five Nights of Sleep!

Noah's big smile!

So I'm really trying hard not to get my hopes up, but Noah has let me sleep ALL NIGHT for the past FIVE nights!!! I don't know how common that is for a 7-8 week old baby, but I'll take it! It has been absolutely glorious to fall asleep between 10:30 and midnight and then wake up between 6:30 and 7:45 the next morning. I have felt so much better during the day just having great, uninterrupted sleep this week. I thank Noah every morning for being so good to me!

On Monday I took Noah to Ryan's work so that his coworkers could see the cute little guy. I have NEVER in my life seen women swarm the way they did that day. It was crazy! This one kept saying, "Take him out of there so I can hold him!" because we had Noah in his carseat. Of course, we kept him in there for a reason. We didn't want everyone's grubby little hands all over Noah, exposing him to all kinds of germs. Plus, Ryan and I wanted to have lunch together afterward, and we needed Noah to keep sleeping or else he'd want to eat. So, we kept him in there, and Noah was a good boy and slept through lunch!

My mom came to visit us on Tuesday, so that was fun. We went to Target to pick out a pack-n-play for Mom to keep at her house for Noah for when he stays the night. She got married in April, and their celebration is this Sunday afternoon. The pack-n-play will be the perfect place for Noah to catch some Zzzz's during the party. Plus, he'll sleep there on any overnights he has there. Ryan and I like to go to the drive in theatre, and there is one near Martinsville (http://www.centerbrookmovies.com). We might go see the new Batman on July 18th, and I'm so excited! Anyway, whenever we go to the drive-in, that will be a good time for Mom and Kent to watch Noah so that Ryan and I can have a date night. :)

Noah all dressed up for Abigail and Devin!

We hung out with our friends Tim and Beckie on Tuesday night and then with Abigail and Devin on Thursday night. It was so nice to be with friends, to eat good food (pizza and Chinese), and to play some great games! I know...I just love games too much. We got Noah all dressed up in his first real Polo shirt and khaki shorts, and he was just TOO CUTE! I met with two of Ryan's second cousins yesterday afternoon to talk about them watching Noah during the school year. We are SO lucky that they are both willing to help us out! We didn't want to put Noah in an organized daycare situation...too many kids...and too much focus on academics. I really just want Noah to be a kid and to have a chance to be creative and imaginative, and to learn social skills. Jessi and Alissa both have little kids, so Noah will have a good opportunity to spend time with other children. Plus, he will get more personalized, one-on-one care in a home setting. Of course we had to have the awkward conversation about money, but it went really well! The amount Ryan and I were hoping to spend was EXACTLY what Jessi and Alissa had decided was fair. So, that worked out great! Did I mention that they are sisters? They are just the nicest people! Another nice thing is that they can back each other up in case something comes up for one of them on their day to watch Noah (e.g., sick kid, doctor's appointment, etc.). I like that idea! I am sure I'll write more about it as the school year approaches, but I know I'm going to be sad to go back to work. I mean, I love my job, and I know we made the right decision with me working part time next year. I am just in my routine now with Noah at home, and once my new routine of working a couple days and being home a couple days, it will be fine! It's just going to be a difficult transition because it involves CHANGE. Sometimes I'm not so good with change... :)

I hope you've all had a nice week. With the sleep I've had the past five nights, I know I'm feeling great! I just feel more and more comfortable in my role as a mom, and I can't describe how good that feels.


Another Week has Passed...

So, another week has passed! We are really settling into life with Noah. It's funny how we've grown into feeling like a family...and it feels GREAT! Noah is showing more and more personality everyday, which is a lot of fun for us. Thursday night we put him to bed in his swaddle blanket, and he was still this skinny string bean. Friday morning, when I went to get him out of bed, I undid the velcro on his blanket, and WHOA!! Noah literally chunked out overnight! People aren't kidding when they say that kids grow overnight. It was amazing!

Noah in his guitar pjs with his grandma!
This weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July, Ryan, Noah, Kya, and I went to South Whitley for my dad and Danette's annual party. It turns out to be a family reunion, as well as a big get together for their good friends. This was our first over night trip somewhere with Noah and our first time being around that many people since he was born. As we got closer to South Whitley, I decided to go ahead and just pump in the car because Noah needed to eat as soon as we got there. This would allow us to give Noah to someone so that we could unpack the car and get settled. Well, after I pumped I realized that I didn't have the nipple that went with our breast pump bottles...OOPS! So, we made an emergency stop at the grocery store (where there were like 4 bottles TOTAL...love it!) and picked up a newborn bottle. Ryan dropped me at my parents' house so that I could sanitize the bottle (boil it) while he drove Noah around in the car to keep the screaming to a minimum. :) My cousins fed him, and we relaxed! The party was much more exhausting than I was anticipating!!! There were so many people to talk to, yet Noah was always on my mind. Typically when we are at home, we follow the EASY cycle: EAT, AWAKE, SLEEP, YOU. First, Noah will eat for about 30-40 minutes (he's getting faster!). Then he'll have some awake time where I'll read to him, play with him, or he'll play in his gym. Once he starts to get fussy, it's nap time. That's when I try to get some things done (the "you" portion of the cycle). Well, you can imagine that it's hard to follow that cycle during a party. Everyone wanted to hold him, which is completely understandable since he's the cutest little guy ever! He really didn't get much good awake time because he'd fall asleep since people were holding him. His nap times weren't that great either because he would get passed from person to person, which would then wake him up a lot. Again, I didn't mind it so much that people wanted to hold him...it's just that it made for a really big and overstimulating day for him (and for Ryan and me!). You can imagine how much he slept the following day! Before going to the party, I thought I would be sad to have to leave everyone and go feed Noah. However, going up to my old bedroom to feed him actually was the perfect quiet time that I really needed!!! It gave me time to get centered again and just relax before heading back out there. My friend Jodi (from IU) and her husband Matt both came over from Fort Wayne for a bit, and it was so good to see them! We played Bohnanza (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/11), a great game about planting bean fields. All in all, it was a fun but exhausting day!

Noah and Jane
The next day, Ryan, Noah, and I went to visit my old babysitter, Jane Goble. She was such a rock during my growing up years, and it was SO great to see her again! Jane practically raised half of the kids that grew up in South Whitley. She babysat around 25 kids at a time. Plus, she had seven kids of her own. It was just the best place to grow up! I got to see her husband, three of her daughters, and their husbands/kids. We just talked and talked and talked. She held Noah most of the time, and he melted into her like butter! It was great to be around her, too, because Noah would do this or that, and she would say, "That's completely normal" or "He's doing just what guys his age do." It was so reassuring and affirming to me because I feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants sometimes. It's all trial and error trying to figure out what Noah likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. She and her husband took us on a trip around their lake! Since they were only going 10 mph (slow time for the lake), they said to just bring Noah along. So, he had his first boat trip but of course slept all the way through it! :) I wouldn't even have thought you could take a little guy out on a boat at his age, but how could I not trust the lady who helped raise me and who successfully took care of SO MANY babies and children in our town.

Me, Jane, and Noah
After our trip around the lake, Ryan, Noah, and I said goodbye and drove back to South Whitley. We had lunch with my grandpa, who was up from Florida, and two of my uncles joined us, too. Dad and Danette got some cuddle time with Noah while Ryan and I packed up, and then we had to say our goodbyes to them. It was time to head back home to Greenwood. After getting home last night, we started to watch a movie. Of course, I got about halfway through it and then got tired. I fed Noah, and then Ryan took him so that I could get some sleep. I slept for about 2 hours, and then it was time to feed Noah again. I don't even remember the first five minutes of his feeding because I think I was still half asleep! Afterward, we put Noah down for bed, and I said, "Noah, Mommy is really tired tonight and would love to get to sleep all night long!" Sure enough, he let me sleep SEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT! HALLELUJAH!!! It was WONDERFUL!

So that's the recap for our weekend. We hope you had a great Fourth of July, too!!
Noah with his Grandpa and Great-Grandpa

Pampers vs. Huggies

We had a blowout one time with Pampers about a week after Noah was born. See below to see what happened three days in a row when we used Huggies.

This is what Noah's back looked like!

Poor guy!!!

Huggies = HORRIBLE for newborns....enough said!!!
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