Noah's First Thanksgiving

It's been so long since I've written that I had to see what I wrote about last time. It seems like ages ago that Noah had carrots for the first time. Since then he has also had butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin, and he seemed to like all of them! On Saturday, we started Noah on peas, and I have to admit, I felt bad feeding them to him. I hate peas! I kept a smile on my face and lied to him, saying that they were so yummy. He seems to like them just fine...well...until they cool down. Once they get a little chilly, Noah starts gagging. It's so sad and funny at the same time! He's so complacent, though, because even though he is gagging, he keeps eating them like, "Ok mommy, I'll do whatever you say." :) What a good boy! Here are some pictures from the first pea experience. By the way, homemade peas really are GREEN!!!
In my last post, I mentioned Noah getting his two first bottom teeth and also wrote about how he hadn't bitten me yet. The keyword here is "YET". It probably was that same night that I wrote or soon after that he got me twice. OWW!!! I scolded him, telling him "No, no!" A few days passed, and he didn't bite me again. I thought we were in the clear...that he had learned not to bite. Well, I was wrong! He was having a really fussy night, which doesn't happen often, but he was just all out of sorts. I was feeding him right before putting him to bed when he bit me really hard! I was screaming OWWWW before I even knew what had happened. I said to him in a stern voice, "Noah that is a bad boy. You don't bite your mommy. That hurts mommy." And then....the tears and screaming ensued....not from me...but from Noah. I'm telling you, it was a cry unlike any other I've heard him make. It was so pathetic and sad!! Ryan was downstairs, and he came up to Noah's room. He said he felt so bad for both of us! Noah kept burying his head and crying...something he had never done before and hasn't done since. He would look at me with his little frown, start crying, and bury his head. Oh it was so sad! He ate a bit longer and then finally went down for bed. He hasn't bitten me since!

My dad and Danette came down the day before Thanksgiving to spend some time with us. We had a nice visit going out to eat, playing a game (HOORAY!), and just talking. On Thanksgiving we went to Ryan's sister's house to celebrate with Ryan's family. The food was amazing...all your favorites: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, corn casserole, dressing, and rolls. Ryan's mom brought deviled eggs and peanut butter pie, and I made a pumpkin pie. Then, to keep up our tradition, we went Black Friday shopping at 4:30 a.m. the next day! I love it! I think we all got some pretty good deals, too. My brother and his wife came for a visit Friday afternoon, which was great. We hadn't seen them for a few months, so it was a much needed visit!

Ryan and I took all last week off, and it was so nice to just be home with Noah and to visit with family. One night, Noah was in an especially good mood. I was running down the stair, waving my arms, yelling, "Hi! Hi! Hi!" He was cracking up. Here's a video for your enjoyment.


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