Six Months Old

Our little man is six months old today! Noah eats five times a day, sleeps 11 hours at night, is rolling over both ways, and is starting to pull up his knees to crawl. He is such a good boy! I am now starting to understand why moms cry when their babies turn one year old. It's an inevitable milestone, but I know I'll be sad to say goodbye to Noah being a baby! He has been such an easy addition to our family...plenty of sleep, happy disposition, laid back personality, etc. It makes me scared to know what Baby #2 will be like someday. You can only be so lucky!

Today is going to be a busy day for us. We have a baby shower in Anderson with one of Ryan's friends from high school. Then, a different friend from Carmel and his wife are coming to stay the night and to go to church with us. It will be a fun day! Because we're going to be all over the place, we decided to go ahead and give Noah his first serving of carrots. He did great! I was amazed at how much food there really is in one carrot ice cube. He ate almost all of it after already having his milk! That probably helps to explain the cheeks. :) Anyway, here is a video for you to enjoy.


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