Too Bad Money Doesn't Grow on Trees!

I've been looking forward to blogging about this for a long time now...and when I say "this," I mean the cost of having a child today. I won't write at lengths about the cost of diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. I just want to write about how much it cost to give birth to Noah. It still blows my mind! Remember, this birth was completely non-medicated. I mean, I didn't even have to get an IV or anything, so there was no cost for an epidural or the anesthesiologist. Also, Noah and I were both completely healthy...no complications. A birth doesn't get any simpler than this one, and it still costs an arm and a leg. Too bad money doesn't grow on trees!! I put the cost that the hospital/doctors were charging and then how much we paid after insurance. Here we go...

Amy’s Hospital Charges:
Room and Board 2 days: $2,062.50

Labor Room: $3,143.00
Delivery Room: $2,446.92
Laboratory Services: $405.11
Pharmacy Services: $176.60
Supplies: $84.25
TOTAL: $8,318.38 After Insurance: $1,060.84

Noah’s Hospital Charges:
Newborn care for 2 days at the hospital: $1,339.00
Operating Room: $331.52 (used for a short time for his circumcision)
Laboratory Services: $927.29
Pharmacy Services: $65.70
Therapy Services: $102.50
TOTAL: $2,766.01 After Insurance: $395.32

Newborn Exam at the hospital: $243.00 After Insurance: $38.58
Noah Circumcision: $400 After Insurance: $45.86
OB Care and Delivery: $2,300 After Insurance: $390.00

GRAND TOTAL: $14,028.39

SHORT TERM DISABILITY CHECK: $2,216.67 (Thank goodness we signed up for that policy!)

OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES: NONE (We actually pocketed $286.07).

Come to think of it, maybe I should get that money for...you know...pain and suffering. Yeah! That's a great idea! :) :) :)

Check out this picture, and you'll understand just why it has all been worth it...being pregnant, having gestational diabetes, giving birth, going through that difficult first month with a newborn. I have a better life than I could ever have imagined!!

At church two Sundays ago


joel said...

I just love that little Tuzzin. And you and Ry too!!!!

rebekahallebach said...

So interesting! Thanks! I actually looked my c-section charges up and my total charges were $9,664.88. I found it so interesting that your very simple childbirth costs nearly the same as my c-section. I'm sure there is a huge difference in pricing though from big city hospitals and KCH. :-)

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