Oh no...not more shots!

Yes, today was the day for round two of Noah's shots. We scheduled to have him get the Polio, Hib, and pneumococcal vaccines, and I was dreading it from the day he had his last shots. I was a big airhead today, too, and forgot to give him Tylenol before we left, so I felt really bad. Noah was sleeping when we got to the doctor's office, so I had to wake him just before he got the first of three injections. I quickly stuck the sugar-dipped pacifier in his mouth before she poked him, he screamed for a second...and then just whimpered like a little pup. My heart just broke! Then, she quickly stuck him with the second shot...and he REALLY screamed! I scooped him up and shushed him...telling him he was ok. Then, he started to calm down...that is...until she stuck him the third time. This time he was REALLY mad! He screamed and pulled his little legs up to his chest. I scooped him up again and tried to calm him down. The nurse walked me to a different room where I could feed him, and as soon as he cuddled in, all was well again.

This afternoon was a pretty tough one for the little guy. He wasn't content sleeping, eating, or playing, which just isn't usual for him at all. I knew the shots would probably make him fussy, and you could tell that Noah just wasn't feeling well. Luckily, Ryan got home, and we gave Noah a bath. They always seem to calm him down and help him relax. Ryan rocked him for awhile, and finally, Noah drifted off to sleep. When he woke up, he was SCREAMING again, so I tried to feed him. For the next two hours or so, Noah just slept, snacked, cuddled, slept some more, ate some more...etc. Afterward, he's been the same ol' little guy for the most part, smiling and jabbering up a storm. I'm so glad that he's feeling better! It's hard to see your baby so sad and in pain.

We started video-taping Noah this morning. I'm sad to not have any video from when he was a newborn, but let's get real...we were surviving! :) We got the idea from some friends to video tape different parts of Noah's life...not just birthdays and big events, but rather record what he does on a typical day. I love it! So, Ryan grabbed the camera and we videotaped Noah waking up in his swaddle blanket. We love undoing the blanket and watching him stretch completely out! It's so cute! We want to capture him playing with his toys, jabbering with us, and smiling because those are our very favorite things. We're having his pictures taken at 3, 6, 9, 12, and 18 months. After that, we'll start doing yearly pictures. Here is the website of the lady who will be taking his pictures:
http://www.detailsportraitart.com/. I can't wait to see how she captures Noah in this stage of life!

For Noah's 3 month birthday, he got a little more than shots. Ryan and I were FINALLY able to buy him some new toys. I say finally because there just aren't that many toys for kids prior to 3 months old...mostly because they don't do a whole lot other than eat, sleep, and randomly move their arms and legs. Ryan's parents sent us some money to buy Noah some new toys, and we also had a Walmart gift card from some of their friends, so we went on a shopping spree! Check out Noah with his new toys:

At this very moment, I have him sitting in his Bumbo chair on the couch with two of his spinning toys. He has a hand on each of the spinners and is watching the Olympics...hilarious! Bumbos are great for just this reason...babies get to see a whole new view of the world. Rather than always staring up at the ceiling...they can now look around in all directions. He is adorable...I just love that kid! One of the newest things Noah is doing is jabbering with me. He will imitate my sounds, so if I say "Hi," he'll go "Haa" (like the "a" in "cat). We just go back and forth...I talk...then he talks...then it's my turn...then his. It's really cute! Maybe Ryan and I will capture some video of it, and we can post it online. Another thing is sort of funny to notice, but Noah is opening his little hands so much more! For so long, they have been in these little fists all the time. He is just exploring everything with his fingers and open hands...grabbing onto us and holding our fingers. He likes to suck on his first two fingers a lot, too. It's amazing how these little things bring me so much joy! For all of you mothers out there, I know you understand. As for you who have yet to have children, you will see what I mean one of these days, and I'll just smile as you tell me all about it. :)

Noah playing in his Bumbo chair on the kitchen table


rebekahallebach said...

I can't believe how well Noah is sitting up in the Bumbo! That's really good! Also, I think he looks like Ryan's nephew in the below picture. So cute. Thanks for the update.

Dawn Fitz said...

A hint for next Shot Day: after all shots have been given, massage the injection site(s) several times throughout the day. It should lessen the hardness of the lump that forms.

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