Girl's Luncheon

Check out those chubby cheeks!

Last Saturday, Ryan, Noah, and I made another trip to Joseph Decuis (http://www.josephdecuis.com/home.php) for yet another great day! My stepmom wanted to host a girl's luncheon with some of her closest friends as a way for everyone to meet Noah. When we got there, everything was decorated so perfectly...a rubber ducky filled with flowers as a centerpiece, little foam hand soaps for favors, a menu created for the day with Noah's picture on it, and friends and family all around the table. :) It was so great! Ryan, my dad, and my brother were all in a different room hanging out, which really came in handy when Noah got hungry, and Ryan gave him a bottle. I ordered this amazing Tomato, Bacon, and Cheddar quiche that came with a little salad and some mixed fruit...delicious! Danette (my stepmom) had one game for us to play. There were several pictures of babies, and we all had to guess who was who. It was fun! Kristen, my sister-in-law, won the game. Below is a picture of her holding Noah. I just love this picture...that expression is priceless! Can you tell how much Aunt Kristen loves this little guy? :)

I opened some gifts after lunch, and boy did Noah get some great things! The outfits he got this weekend are just so cute, and Danette's friends were really wise to get him things for down the road. We really have so much 3-6 month stuff right now that I'm not sure he'll wear it all more than a couple times, if that. Something that I realized to is that the sizes don't necessary correlate with your baby's actual size at that month/range of months. I mean, I assumed it didn't work out for all babies since some grow at a faster rate than others. Noah is only 50%ile for weight, and he is almost completely grown out of 3 month clothes...and is getting a little closer on 3-6 month clothes. He'll actually be 3 months on August 15th...and not 6 months until November 15th. While I want to buy clothes ahead of time when they are on clearance...I really can't at this point because I have no idea what size he'll be wearing in each season. Hopefully that will get easier as he gets bigger! The outfit that he wore to the luncheon is just about too small for him...too bad too because I really like it! :)

I love this boy!

Danette and my dad also got Noah some new toys, which is really great! He's so much more alert now and is awake quite a bit during the day. We don't have too many toys...most of toys on the market begin at 3 months...so it was nice to get a few things like that! They also picked out some really neat picture frames, too, that look great in his room. A couple of Danette's friends got me gifts, too, which was fun! One got me some hand lotions and body wash, while another friend gave me these pretty flowers in a bright pink watering can. It looks great on our front porch! Let's just hope I remember to water them enough to keep them alive. :) All in all, it was a great afternoon spent with some really special women. Thanks, Danette!

Three generations :)

I go back to work on Thursday, and I really feel pretty good about it! I think this part time situation is exactly what I need to have a good balance in my life. Typically, I'll just work a half day on Wednesday and then full days on Thursday and Friday. Before I know it, it will be the weekend! Noah is sleeping 8-9 hours a night right now, for which we are SOOO thankful! I am hoping that he will transition well into being at a babysitter's house a couple days a week and will still be able to get some good naps in. It will be interesting to see if his nighttime sleep stays the same or changes when I go back to work. I'll have been home for exactly 12 weeks with Noah, and I have enjoyed it so much! Not that I'm looking to be pregnant or have a baby for awhile, but I really do hope to have a Spring baby again. It just works so well with my work schedule!!! Now that we've paid all of our bills related to my prenatal care and Noah's birth, soon I will write a blog to show you how much it all cost. Thank God for insurance!! You won't believe how much a completely uncomplicated...all natural birth costs today. It will blow your mind! Until then, take care and please say a prayer that my transition back to work goes well for Noah, Ryan, and me. :)

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michi.yamano said...

You look so great Amy and that shirt is soooo cute. Tell your Dad I said hi! We leave for Japan today, wish us luck! Pray to the sleepy baby and happy baby angels for me! Michi

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