a BIG first!

Two Fridays ago, our church was putting on a Volunteer Appreciation night. Since Ryan and I both volunteer regularly at our church, we were invited to attend. Everyone gets dressed up, and we all have dinner at this banquet hall in Greenwood. Ryan and I wanted to attend, so we asked my mom and her husband to watch Noah that evening. My mom came back with the idea to pick Noah up from our house after work...and then keep him OVERNIGHT! I know, the opportunity had to come along sooner or later, so Ryan and I talked about it. We hadn't gone out on a date for a few weeks, and this would give us the chance to have dinner, spend time with friends, and then go see a movie afterward. So, we took them up on their offer!

I thought for sure that I would be really, really sad to be away from Noah, but I knew that Ryan and I needed some time for just the two of us. A family can only be strong if the marriage between the mom and dad is really strong, too. As much as Noah is a huge priority in my life, I know in many ways I need to put Ryan first in order to have a healthy and happy marriage...and to give Noah the best life, as well. So, after work on Friday, I picked up Noah...snuggled with him a bunch, and got ready for our night out. Mom came to pick him up, and I gave her the run down about when he should be eating, etc. It's funny, my biggest concern whenever anyone watches him is when Noah needs to eat. I don't know if it's because I'm breastfeeding him or what...but it's constantly something I think about when I'm away from him. After letting Mom know about the times that Noah would be eating, we rushed out the door and left for dinner.

We had a great time at the Volunteer Appreciation Night. They did a James Bond theme..."Mission Impossible". It was fun! The food was SO great...and the church must have given away more than 60 prizes. They were as simple as $10 gift certificates to a Flat Screen TV. Very cool! Although Ryan and I didn't win anything, it didn't matter at all. We had fun hearing about all of the volunteers within our church. That in and of itself is so inspiring! :) After the event ended, Ryan and I jumped in the car and drove to the movie theatre. I pumped in the car before we went inside the theatre. I actually forgot the ice pack for my cooler, so I had to take in the milk and ask a teenager to put ice in the cooler...hilarious! I've never done that on a date before! :) Ryan agreed to see Mamma Mia because he knew I was really wanting to see it; plus, there weren't really any other movies we wanted to see. It was really cute because we saw the 10:20 movie or something...and were the only ones in the theatre! So, we sat down and made ourselves comfy. Oh, did I mention that we changed out of our dress clothes in the car and wore our pj's out? Yes, that is our kind of date!!! I got to sing the songs as loud as I wanted, and Ryan was a good sport about the whole thing.

We got home after midnight...a first for us in a LONG time! I thought for sure I'd miss Noah when we got home...as we were headed for bed. But honestly, we were both SO TIRED that we hit the sack and fell asleep before we could even think about it. We had talked to Mom earlier that evening, and Noah had been doing just fine. We knew he was in good hands! When she dropped him off the next morning around 9:30 a.m., Mom was pretty sleepy! She had to stay up pretty late to give him his last bottle...and probably got to bed sometime after 11 p.m. When she put him down for the night, he jabbered to himself for about 20 minutes before falling asleep. How cute is that?? He slept all night for her, too, which is just awesome! :)

So, for our first night away from Noah, I'm not sure it could have gone better. I cuddled with him all day the next day because Ryan was gone for a bachelor party, and I had been away from him a lot since going back to work. In fact, Noah would SCREAM every time I put him down to sleep. So, I just let him sleep in my arms all day, letting him eat, play, etc. whenever he felt like it. The day was perfect! Thanks Mom and Kent for watching him!!! I know he had a great time with you!

Mom with Noah just after he was born

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Dawn Fitz said...

It's good to start building in date nights now, while Noah is little. Scott and I hae been out three times since moving three years ago - miss having family close by. But I found a sitter AND the kids adore her!

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