Stories Told Through Pictures...

It seems like the adventures with Noah are happening faster than I can write about in this blog, so I think I'll just share some pictures to go along with short descriptions of the stories. :)

Our first theme party as a family!

My Aunt Marlene, my cousin Brian, Noah, and me
On Saturday night, my Aunt Marlene had her wedding reception...a luau in her backyard complete with Hawaiian attire and a hog roast. This was our first theme party as a family, and I must say, we looked pretty darn cute! I love that Noah looks like he's posing with his fist under his chin...too funny! We had a really good time visiting with my family, and Noah behaved himself pretty well. We took two bottles with us so that I didn't have to worry about feeding him throughout the reception. Well, for those of you who are still new to the breastfeeding world (like me), just because you don't feed your baby doesn't mean you stop producing milk! Oh my Lord! By the time we left the party, I had felt my milk let down three times, and then I felt it a couple more times on the way home. By the time we were only 2 minutes from the house, I though I was going to die!! I fed Noah as soon as we got home to get some relief and then again a couple hours later. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. feeling as though my chest was going to explode and sprinted downstairs to the breast pump. I got 6 1/2 ounces, which is a record for me! Just think, a full size bottle is 8 oz., so I was nearly there. YIKES! No wonder I was hurting so bad.

On Sunday, my mom and her husband celebrated their recent wedding with a reception at their house. It was a PERFECT day...blue skies, warm temperature, and no humidity! I wish I had taken pictures, but unfortunately Noah was having a really fussy day. It left me little time to think about pictures. :( If he was sleeping or eating, Noah was happy. BUT, if he was awake, he was usually crying. Those make for some long days! My mom's coworker got her this cute little thing for Noah to lay in outside that has toys hanging above him to keep his attention, but it also has some netting around it so that the bugs won't bother him. Now that's what I call an invention! He was happy as a clam in there! My mom and Kent offered to watch Noah OVERNIGHT Friday so that Ryan and I can go to a drive in movie (the new Batman), but I'm just not too sure yet! I completely trust them to watch him, but I've never been away from him overnight. Of course, after the past few days of fussiness, I might be ready for a break! :)

Noah having some tummy time with his daddy.

My friends Erin, Sara, and Michella and I having dinner Monday night

My friend Michella is in from Massachusetts for about a month, and since Noah's feeding schedule makes it a little difficult to hang out with my friends, the girls drove to the southside of Indy for dinner so we could hang out. We met at Cheeseburger in Paradise and had a great time! Noah was such a good little boy you barely new he was there. Can you see his car seat hiding behind me? He just slept the whole time so that we could just enjoy ourselves! It was a much needed visit with my friends. I love picking right back up where we left off...that's how you know you have good friends! :) After dinner, Michella, Sara, Noah, and I went to Mrs. Curls (http://www.mrscurl.com/) to get some ice cream. I gave Noah a bottle for the first time (again, I had been putting that off so that I wouldn't confuse him with the whole breastfeeding and bottle feeding thing). He did just fine! Since I didn't feed him at all while we were out, I felt like I was going to explode again when I got home. I pumped over 5 oz., and then he woke up from his nap. So, Ryan fed him the bottle, and that little chubbster ate the whole thing! Yep, he is just growing like crazy these days, getting chunkier and chunkier. I am already missing the teeny tiny baby he used to be!

The last two pictures are clothes were given to us by one of my stepmom's friends. She sent FIVE boxes full of clothes down on Saturday, and I can't believe all of the good stuff we got. We have clothes from 3-6 months (which is what Noah wears now) all the way to 2T. We are seriously in good shape!!! Plus, before going through these clothes, our friends Tim and Beckie let us go through two HUGE tupperware containers of clothes, too. I mean, we are seriously set in terms of clothes right now. As fun as it is to buy clothes, I'd rather save the money and put it toward fun trips to the zoo, Children's Museum, movies, etc. All of the stuff we were give is in such good shape, and I can't wait to see him in these outfits as time goes on. We even got a little outfit for really dressy occasions, complete with dress pants, white dress shirt, and matching vest and neck tie. TOO CUTE!

Noah slept 8 out of the past 10 nights, one of which lasted 9 hours!!! Can you believe that? It was incredible. With all of our crazy adventures lately, visiting with friends and family, I think we're due to just stay home for a few days. Noah has been really cranky all day today. I think I'm just pushing him too much with this busy schedule. We leave for Hilton Head on Sunday, so hopefully we can just relax until the big flight Sunday morning. Wish us luck!

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