Five Nights of Sleep!

Noah's big smile!

So I'm really trying hard not to get my hopes up, but Noah has let me sleep ALL NIGHT for the past FIVE nights!!! I don't know how common that is for a 7-8 week old baby, but I'll take it! It has been absolutely glorious to fall asleep between 10:30 and midnight and then wake up between 6:30 and 7:45 the next morning. I have felt so much better during the day just having great, uninterrupted sleep this week. I thank Noah every morning for being so good to me!

On Monday I took Noah to Ryan's work so that his coworkers could see the cute little guy. I have NEVER in my life seen women swarm the way they did that day. It was crazy! This one kept saying, "Take him out of there so I can hold him!" because we had Noah in his carseat. Of course, we kept him in there for a reason. We didn't want everyone's grubby little hands all over Noah, exposing him to all kinds of germs. Plus, Ryan and I wanted to have lunch together afterward, and we needed Noah to keep sleeping or else he'd want to eat. So, we kept him in there, and Noah was a good boy and slept through lunch!

My mom came to visit us on Tuesday, so that was fun. We went to Target to pick out a pack-n-play for Mom to keep at her house for Noah for when he stays the night. She got married in April, and their celebration is this Sunday afternoon. The pack-n-play will be the perfect place for Noah to catch some Zzzz's during the party. Plus, he'll sleep there on any overnights he has there. Ryan and I like to go to the drive in theatre, and there is one near Martinsville (http://www.centerbrookmovies.com). We might go see the new Batman on July 18th, and I'm so excited! Anyway, whenever we go to the drive-in, that will be a good time for Mom and Kent to watch Noah so that Ryan and I can have a date night. :)

Noah all dressed up for Abigail and Devin!

We hung out with our friends Tim and Beckie on Tuesday night and then with Abigail and Devin on Thursday night. It was so nice to be with friends, to eat good food (pizza and Chinese), and to play some great games! I know...I just love games too much. We got Noah all dressed up in his first real Polo shirt and khaki shorts, and he was just TOO CUTE! I met with two of Ryan's second cousins yesterday afternoon to talk about them watching Noah during the school year. We are SO lucky that they are both willing to help us out! We didn't want to put Noah in an organized daycare situation...too many kids...and too much focus on academics. I really just want Noah to be a kid and to have a chance to be creative and imaginative, and to learn social skills. Jessi and Alissa both have little kids, so Noah will have a good opportunity to spend time with other children. Plus, he will get more personalized, one-on-one care in a home setting. Of course we had to have the awkward conversation about money, but it went really well! The amount Ryan and I were hoping to spend was EXACTLY what Jessi and Alissa had decided was fair. So, that worked out great! Did I mention that they are sisters? They are just the nicest people! Another nice thing is that they can back each other up in case something comes up for one of them on their day to watch Noah (e.g., sick kid, doctor's appointment, etc.). I like that idea! I am sure I'll write more about it as the school year approaches, but I know I'm going to be sad to go back to work. I mean, I love my job, and I know we made the right decision with me working part time next year. I am just in my routine now with Noah at home, and once my new routine of working a couple days and being home a couple days, it will be fine! It's just going to be a difficult transition because it involves CHANGE. Sometimes I'm not so good with change... :)

I hope you've all had a nice week. With the sleep I've had the past five nights, I know I'm feeling great! I just feel more and more comfortable in my role as a mom, and I can't describe how good that feels.


joel said...

Yay! Sleeping all night is the BEST! Tell Noah i said to keep it up for Hilton Head! Love you guys and can't wait to see you!

dntill said...

Noah looks adorable in that outfit (and Ryan is glowing - he really seems to enjoy being a Dad :)!! You can tell Noah is growing with that outfit on!! I hope the sleeping through night continues!

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