Another Week has Passed...

So, another week has passed! We are really settling into life with Noah. It's funny how we've grown into feeling like a family...and it feels GREAT! Noah is showing more and more personality everyday, which is a lot of fun for us. Thursday night we put him to bed in his swaddle blanket, and he was still this skinny string bean. Friday morning, when I went to get him out of bed, I undid the velcro on his blanket, and WHOA!! Noah literally chunked out overnight! People aren't kidding when they say that kids grow overnight. It was amazing!

Noah in his guitar pjs with his grandma!
This weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July, Ryan, Noah, Kya, and I went to South Whitley for my dad and Danette's annual party. It turns out to be a family reunion, as well as a big get together for their good friends. This was our first over night trip somewhere with Noah and our first time being around that many people since he was born. As we got closer to South Whitley, I decided to go ahead and just pump in the car because Noah needed to eat as soon as we got there. This would allow us to give Noah to someone so that we could unpack the car and get settled. Well, after I pumped I realized that I didn't have the nipple that went with our breast pump bottles...OOPS! So, we made an emergency stop at the grocery store (where there were like 4 bottles TOTAL...love it!) and picked up a newborn bottle. Ryan dropped me at my parents' house so that I could sanitize the bottle (boil it) while he drove Noah around in the car to keep the screaming to a minimum. :) My cousins fed him, and we relaxed! The party was much more exhausting than I was anticipating!!! There were so many people to talk to, yet Noah was always on my mind. Typically when we are at home, we follow the EASY cycle: EAT, AWAKE, SLEEP, YOU. First, Noah will eat for about 30-40 minutes (he's getting faster!). Then he'll have some awake time where I'll read to him, play with him, or he'll play in his gym. Once he starts to get fussy, it's nap time. That's when I try to get some things done (the "you" portion of the cycle). Well, you can imagine that it's hard to follow that cycle during a party. Everyone wanted to hold him, which is completely understandable since he's the cutest little guy ever! He really didn't get much good awake time because he'd fall asleep since people were holding him. His nap times weren't that great either because he would get passed from person to person, which would then wake him up a lot. Again, I didn't mind it so much that people wanted to hold him...it's just that it made for a really big and overstimulating day for him (and for Ryan and me!). You can imagine how much he slept the following day! Before going to the party, I thought I would be sad to have to leave everyone and go feed Noah. However, going up to my old bedroom to feed him actually was the perfect quiet time that I really needed!!! It gave me time to get centered again and just relax before heading back out there. My friend Jodi (from IU) and her husband Matt both came over from Fort Wayne for a bit, and it was so good to see them! We played Bohnanza (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/11), a great game about planting bean fields. All in all, it was a fun but exhausting day!

Noah and Jane
The next day, Ryan, Noah, and I went to visit my old babysitter, Jane Goble. She was such a rock during my growing up years, and it was SO great to see her again! Jane practically raised half of the kids that grew up in South Whitley. She babysat around 25 kids at a time. Plus, she had seven kids of her own. It was just the best place to grow up! I got to see her husband, three of her daughters, and their husbands/kids. We just talked and talked and talked. She held Noah most of the time, and he melted into her like butter! It was great to be around her, too, because Noah would do this or that, and she would say, "That's completely normal" or "He's doing just what guys his age do." It was so reassuring and affirming to me because I feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants sometimes. It's all trial and error trying to figure out what Noah likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. She and her husband took us on a trip around their lake! Since they were only going 10 mph (slow time for the lake), they said to just bring Noah along. So, he had his first boat trip but of course slept all the way through it! :) I wouldn't even have thought you could take a little guy out on a boat at his age, but how could I not trust the lady who helped raise me and who successfully took care of SO MANY babies and children in our town.

Me, Jane, and Noah
After our trip around the lake, Ryan, Noah, and I said goodbye and drove back to South Whitley. We had lunch with my grandpa, who was up from Florida, and two of my uncles joined us, too. Dad and Danette got some cuddle time with Noah while Ryan and I packed up, and then we had to say our goodbyes to them. It was time to head back home to Greenwood. After getting home last night, we started to watch a movie. Of course, I got about halfway through it and then got tired. I fed Noah, and then Ryan took him so that I could get some sleep. I slept for about 2 hours, and then it was time to feed Noah again. I don't even remember the first five minutes of his feeding because I think I was still half asleep! Afterward, we put Noah down for bed, and I said, "Noah, Mommy is really tired tonight and would love to get to sleep all night long!" Sure enough, he let me sleep SEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT! HALLELUJAH!!! It was WONDERFUL!

So that's the recap for our weekend. We hope you had a great Fourth of July, too!!
Noah with his Grandpa and Great-Grandpa

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tgtdnt said...

Thanks so much for making the trip to SOuth Whitley!!! It was great seeing the Abell family on the 4th of July!!! - Dad and Danette :)

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