Some New Firsts in Motherhood

Over the weekend, I experienced a couple new firsts as a mom. We drove up to surprise my stepmom for her birthday at this wonderful restaurant called Joseph Decuis (http://josephdecuis.com/ - check out the Vineyard Luncheon Series). It was about a 2-2 1/2 hour drive from Greenwood, so if you're looking for a new, unique dining experience, you'll get one there! :) On the way up, I had to pump in the car in order to be able to participate in the festivities when Danette arrived at her surprise luncheon. It's one thing to feel like a dairy cow in your own home, but it's pretty hysterical when you are driving 70 mph on the highway, pumping breastmilk under a "Hooter Hider" (compliments of my friend Beckie!). That was definitely a first for me. We had a great time at lunch and enjoyed all FIVE courses from about noon until 2 p.m. YUM! Before driving back to Greenwood, I had to feed Noah. So Ryan found a nice quiet church parking lot for us to just hang out in so that I could feed the little man. That was another first for me! Forty minutes later, we were back on the road and on our way home.

At church on Sunday, the choir and band performed a song to recognize the soldiers who fight for our freedom since it's nearly the 4th of July. During that song...it hit me. I'm the mother of a son...a son who may someday choose to join the military. I know if I had a daughter, she could also make that same decision, but I think because men in the military is so much more well-known in history, it hit home with me. It is scary to think what Noah might choose to do with his life, and all Ryan and I can do is just help guide him and encourage him with his natural gifts and interests.

The last experience I want to share with you is just HYSTERICAL, and what a better way to share the story then to show you a picture that says it all:

HAHAHA! After taking a nap, Noah woke up and starting tooting up a storm. This is his usual way of saying hello to us when he wakes up! :) After I thought the coast was clear, I started changing his diaper. As I was changing him, he let out a couple more toots, but they had just a little bit of poo, too! So, I just wiped that up and kept going. All of the sudden, Noah has this HUMONGOUS TOOT, and he shot poo out of his bum in a 2-3 foot stream!!! I have NEVER, EVER seen anything in my life like that before. You should've seen me...it was like slo-mo...I leaned back, put my hand out to block the poo, and was like, "Noooooooo!!!" Ok, so it wasn't that dramatic, but I definitely jumped and closed my eyes to protect myself! I'm pretty sure Noah felt a lot better because he's calm as a cucumber in this picture, while both the carpet and I are covered in poop. Ryan had just woken up and FORTUNATELY got to witness the whole thing!! He was like, "What should I do??" I just said, "You've gotta grab the camera!" We worked on the stain in the carpet for awhile, and then Ryan ran our "Spot Bot" over the stain, too. It's mostly gone, but I'll probably work a little more on it today. As for the pair of pants I was wearing (sorry Kelli!!!), that is yet to be determined. I am hoping that the good ol' bottle of Shout will get it out. We will see! Doesn't it just make you wonder how something so GROSS and HUGE can come out of something as beautiful as this little guy below:

Ryan and I both had such a great weekend! We went out for dinner Friday night while Noah slept in his carseat on the table at Texas Roadhouse. We had a nice family road trip on Saturday and some great family time on Sunday, too. This was the first weekend that it felt like we were settling into our new lives as a couple with a baby. During the previous weeks, everything was new and full of firsts. Now we're getting into a routine and are just able to enjoy things more with Noah. It is a great feeling, and I'm so happy to have arrived here! I love my boys!!!


JoJo said...

That picture is devastating. Bay-belle is HILARIOUS!

joel said...

No problem - I'm sure you will remember the blowout from Mikayla in your dorm room - not on your pants, but you still scrubbed my pants!

iniquity27 said...

Way to go, Nephew!

Erin said...

I bet he felt better after that one... I laughed out loud when I saw that:) Good Work Noah>
Love, Aunt Erin

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