Birth Preferences

Birth Preferences for Ryan and Amy Abell

My husband and I are both excited about the birth of our first child. We chose this hospital because of its respect for natural childbirth and encouragement of breastfeeding. Ryan and Julie Pichon (our doula) will be in attendance at our birth. While we understand that Methodist is a teaching hospital, since this is our first birth and are attempting a natural childbirth, we would prefer to limit who works with us to Julie, Dr. Soper, and the labor and delivery nurse(s).

Our goal is to give birth to a healthy child while having as natural a birth as possible. Our definition of natural includes the following:

§ Allowing labor to progress naturally without the use of inducing agents such as Pitocin.
§ Natural rupture of the amniotic sack.
§ Intermittent fetal monitoring and freedom of movement.
§ Allowing the use of Snacks/Drinks rather than IV fluids for nourishment.
§ Labor and delivery without the use of anesthesia. Please do not offer any pain reducing agents.
§ For pain management, Ryan and Amy plan to use the following: aromatherapy, birth ball, breathing, focal point/visualization, hot/cold compresses, counter-pressure/massage, prayer, shower, and the birthing tub.
§ Allowing the perineum to tear naturally if necessary rather than undergoing an episiotomy. If massage of the perineum can help prevent tearing, this is encouraged.
§ Waiting until the umbilical cord has stopped pulsating before cutting it and placing the baby on Amy after birth. Please ask Ryan if he would like to cut the cord.
§ Allowing Ryan to be present during any checks and treatment done to the baby. Explaining any procedures you do is very much appreciated.

After the baby is born, Amy is planning to breastfeed. Please do not give the baby any fluids, bottles, or pacifiers during our stay at the hospital. Ryan and Amy would like to help with giving the baby its first bath after both new parents have the opportunity to bond with the baby. We are planning to have the baby room in with us in order to help establish breastfeeding and to get to know our new baby.

We would like all procedures explained to us, including the benefits and risks. Please consider the following medical interventions as a last resort:

§ Using labor inducing agents
§ Episiotomy
§ The use of forceps or vacuum extraction
§ Caesarian section

We understand that medical interventions are necessary in certain situations and would only like for them to be used in high-risk situations. We want to thank you in advance for your understanding, support, and encouragement during the birth of our first baby.

God Bless,
Ryan & Amy Abell

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iniquity27 said...

So I guess I'll be an Uncle soon huh? Wowzers!

It's really for really real.

Good Luck you three!

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