Ryan and Amy Versus Target

Ryan and I had a MAJOR run in at Target today. You know how it goes when you register for things. You get so many great gifts at showers and truly are thankful for each and every single thing that people pick out. Sometimes, people forget to have the check-out person scan the registry, so items that were bought do not show up as bought. Then, more people end up buying the same thing. Plus, I think people are actually shopping at the same time and buy the same thing, so it again makes for duplicates. Additionally, when we're talking about baby clothes, onesies and sleepers in particular, you end up with LOTS of clothes that are one size or another and really don't need all of them. I want to respect people's generosity, so sometimes I attempt to change out sizes or exchange an item we already have for something we still need. This is just the nature of registries!

Well, Babies R' Us will take back anything that they sell in the store...receipt or no receipt. It is wonderful, and even though it is really hard to find what you are looking for in there, they have great customer service. So, today we did just that...went to Babies R Us to exchange some bottles and nipples that had been given to us since there has been a lot of new research suggesting that BPA in the Avent bottles we were going to use was not safe for the development of children. Here is some information (http://www.cspinet.org/nah/bpa.html), but there is much more on the web if you are interested. Walmart and Babies R Us have both stated that they will not sell bottles containing BPA after 2008. So, we decided to be proactive and make some changes rather than take a chance at any negative effects from Avent bottles. Babies R Us very EASILY let us return those bottles and just gave us store credit. We updated our registry and with Dr. Brown's BPA free bottles and nipples...along with all of the accessories rather than all of the Avent stuff.

After going out to see a movie at our favorite dollar theatre ($2 total for us to see Fool's Gold!), we went to Target to try to take back 5 packs of onesies. Each of them were duplicates/a size that we already have so many onesies for and totaled over $50...a substantial amount for purchasing something we still need for the baby. Well, let me just tell you something. Target does NOT take ANYTHING back without a receipt...not even for store credit...not even to exchange for an item of a different size or color. For example, if I had a pack of 0-3 month onesies, and I wanted to exchange it for the same kind but in size 6-9 months, they still don't allow it...even though the price is exactly the same. Is that the craziest thing you have ever heard or what??? I argued that we have a registry with the store and that should take the place of a receipt. They didn't care. Here is what they WILL allow you to do. They will let you take back items under $20 TWO WHOLE TIMES a year. Seriously, they scan your license to see how many times you have taken back items without receipts. So, they allowed me to return 4 packs of onesie's for store credit, but we had to keep the 5th pack. Those are my TWO returns without a receipt for the YEAR. WOW! Ryan will have to take care of returning items (again, only under $20 on two occasions) if we have any more issues. Interestingly, my friend Jill (who was in the baby shower pictures from RISE's shower) walked by and said hi after I had been throwing a fit at the customer service counter. In the meantime, Ryan was on the phone talking to someone from India trying to get some help...guess what...it didn't work). Anyway, Jill was laughing because she and her husband had both dealt with the same issue at Target, and they were irate, too! She suggested asking family and friends to return things b/c she had already used her two opportunities for the YEAR, too.

So, here was our solution. Give us our store credit for those 4 packs of onesies, we'll keep the 5th. Then...I'm going to delete everything off my registry so that we don't have these same problems anymore. I will move anything we still need to Babies R Us because they will exchange or return anything WITHOUT a receipt. Yeah, I said it! :) I told them that I have another baby shower in two weeks, and I can't take the risk of running into the same issue again since Ryan and I only have two more opportunities this YEAR to return/exchange items without a receipt. Yeah, we're crazy like that! You know what they suggest we do??? Call the people who gave us the gifts without the receipt and ask for it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? They seriously want us to call our closest friends and family and say, "You know what...we didn't actually want the gift you got us because _____________, so do you mind sending me the gift receipt so we can get something we still need." YEAH RIGHT! Talk about a slap in the face and just utter rudeness. I told them there was NO WAY we were going to do that and again, I said I will not have any registry items at their store. Plus, I said that I am going to tell all of my friends and family not to register there either because their return policy is too strict and impossible. I mean, I could have ended up with like 3 bassinets and not have been able to exchange them because I didn't have the receipt (they are items over $20). Can you even imagine?

So, seriously, I'm not trying to be a crazy pregnant lady here, but I'm encouraging you to consider this for your own good. First, do NOT register at Target unless they change their return policy. You will get duplicates (it just happens), and they will not take anything back without a receipt. Second, include gift receipts with ALL of the gifts you buy for people. I am REALLY BAD at doing that, but now that more stores have strict policies, I am going to be sure to include the gift receipts.

I love Target...I really do. We should own stock in that store for as much as we shop there. This is just a really terrible policy, and they're going to have to do something or people won't want to register there anymore.

On a positive note, I think we have everything we need for our hospital bags (bought directly from Target...hehe). Tomorrow I plan to pack them up to get ready for the big day! :) I really hope that I wasn't a total downer, but this story was too crazy not to blog about it. It will be funny someday when Ryan and I look back on it...someday. :) For those of you who drink wine, have a glass for me because I really could use one after that ordeal!


iniquity27 said...

Hey, I own Target stock and trust me, it's not all that it's cracked up to be. :)

Lindsay said...

That's exactly why we're not registering there for our wedding, we've heard stories like that from several people! Grrr to Target...although it's still my favorite store ever ;)

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