Expectant Mother Parking Rules!

So Ryan and I had to run some errands for groceries, dog food, and a leaf blower tonight. After finishing up at our favorite place...Target...we had to run to Meijer to get dog food (Target was out) and the leaf blower. As we pulled into the parking lot, I spotted some "Expect Mother" parking. I was like, "We have to park there!!!" I mean, front row parking in the crazy Meijer parking lot...talk about making my day! I think it just made everything that much more official. I was sticking out my belly with pride as we walked into the store.

Also, a winning moment to share - All of my blood sugars were below 120 today!!! HOORAY! I didn't make enough time to pack a lunch, so I had school lunch...pizza, green beans, and milk. I saved my apple for an afternoon snack. Anyway, I was worried because I'm not sure about how many carbs are in school pizza, so I took a lap around our elementary school at a fairly quick pace...quick for my preggo self anyway! I think that actually made a difference because my lunch blood sugar was only 96, and I am allowed to be as high as 120. I feel great!

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