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I'm so sorry for being so behind on blogging. Almost everyday I think to myself...oh my gosh, I'm going to have to blog about that, but I have just had a hard time finding time to do it. Over the weekend, Ryan and I worked on the nursery a little more. After we hang some pictures this weekend, I will be sure to post pictures!

On Tuesday, Ryan and I had our advanced labor support class. This class is designed to help couples learn various techniques to cope with labor when they are attempting a non-medicated childbirth, which we are. So much of what we talked about in class has reinforced what I have read in many books, so it was good to hear things again. There were only 2 other couples present, and our instructor was the same lady that we had in the afternoon of our full day childbirth class. She was wired as usual, talking a mile a minute. :) The main thing that stuck with me from that night was when she had us walk in the hallways pretending to be in labor. Ryan was walking in front of me, and I had my arms around his neck following behind him. The walk was more like skiing though the halls. Then she would say, "Ok, you're having a contraction. Dad's what can you do?" It was pretty funny!! Well, it was funny until it hit me. I thought, "Holy potatoes! This isn't a game. We're not just playing around here. This is the actual hallway I am going to walk down while I'm in labor in the next few weeks!!" It really hit me that we are to that point in the pregnancy where things can happen at any time. I came home and was said to Ryan, "Do you realize that in the next few weeks, there is going to be a baby in this house." He looked at me like I was a little crazy. We've just talked about it for so long, and no matter how much I read, shop, prepare, decorate, etc., I don't think I can fully and mentally prepare for what is to come. I am getting more and more excited everyday, and it really just blows my mind that we are almost to the point of meeting our baby. I can't wait!

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