35 Weeks

We hit the 35 week mark on Wednesday!! For information about the baby's development at 35 weeks, click on the link below:


I have definitely experienced more Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the week, and some of them are accompanied by a little pain. I usually forget what I've already written about in my blogs, so sorry if this is a repeat, but the pain honestly feels like the baby is scratching my cervix from the inside. Yeah, no one tells you that about pregnancy, but everytime I ask women if they experienced it, they all say, "Definitely!" Well thanks for the warning everyone! :) For those of you who haven't been pregnant yet, get ready for that feeling. It really doesn't bother me at all. Instead, I really feel like it's a sign that things are getting that much closer for the baby to arrive. It also is giving me a slight understanding where the some of the pain is going to come from during labor. The baby is definitely pushing down harder on my pelvis, and sometimes I really do feel like it's arm is going to come out!

I got my second leg cramp of the pregnancy this week, too. I woke up, stretched, and immediately began screaming "LEG CRAMP! LEG CRAMP!" Ryan was like, "What do I do?!?" He tried to rub it a little bit, but until I could pull my toes back toward my leg, the cramp didn't go away. WOW, those things can really take your breath away! I have also had very noticeable leg and foot swelling this week...the newest symptom of this pregnancy. :) It was so bad after my baby shower on Wednesday that I seriously thought my skin might break open. Sorry for the visual...just trying to be honest! I had the best pair of cankles that I've ever had in my life. I mean, you couldn't see my ankle bones at all. It was incredible!

Kelli (Ryan's sister) and I got together earlier today, and I had a great time! I didn't have to work due to a snow make up day, so we decided to go get pedicures in Carmel, have lunch, and then do some shopping. We went to Beauty Brands, and they really gave me the best pedicure that I've ever had. My feet feel wonderful, and fresh polish always makes me feel wonderful! After our pedicures, we went to Motherhood Maternity to get some nursing bras. Once you hit the 8th month mark, they tell you to go ahead and get the nursing bras. You just get one size bigger than your current size. Well friends...that meant I needed an E...yes E...like ELEPHANT! I was cracking up! I know people say that when your milk comes in that you'll need the extra space but WHOA! I got two nursing bras, and two fun spring shirts to help me cope with the warm weather and feel prettier during this final month of pregnancy. We had lunch at a Japanese Steakhouse, which I've totally been craving, and it was wonderful. I got the steak and shrimp combo, salad with ginger dressing, and fried rice. That meal works really well with my diet. I just have to take it easy on the rice! After lunch we went to Kohls, and boy did I spend way more money than anticipated! I got 4 pairs of pajamas to wear while I nurse, a pair of slippers, a pair of slipper socks (both for the hospital), and a robe for the hospital. You see, my goal is to have our hospital bag packed by the end of the weekend so that I'm not stressing out about it. I also FINALLY found a coverlet, pillows, sheets, and shams for our guest bedroom, which is why I ended up spending so much money. I have been looking FOREVER and can never find anything I like. Have I mentioned that I'm a picky person?? Anyway, I love what I picked out, so hopefully it will work well in the room. I got $60 of Kohls' cash after those purchases. I've only used that once before, so for those of you who don't know, when you get Kohls' cash, you can go shopping with that certificate without having to spend a minimum amount or anything. So basically, we have $60 FREE to buy whatever we want! I am pumped! It will be great to use once we know the sex of the baby to buy some gender specific clothes. How fun!

Hope you've enjoyed the blogs. I will probably continue to write after the baby is born...for who knows how long. We'll just see how it goes!


joel said...

you got $60 Kohl's cash? I only got $20!

iniquity27 said...

Kohl's cash...just another ploy to get you back in the store. Aren't they so smart?

michi.yamano said...

you'll be so glad you have those clothes, taking car of the baby and doing laundry, blasphemy!

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