34 Weeks and Counting!

Can you believe we only have 6 weeks to go??? We are just getting so close to the end of this journey, and it's very exciting and a little scary all at once. Here is some information about the baby's development this week:


I'm getting Braxton Hicks contractions more and more throughout the day. The contractions are starting to feel a little different than before, though. Typically, when I have BH contractions, the top half of my uterus just gets really tight...no pain involved. It's more of a squeezing sensation. Now when I have contractions, I am feeling it much lower sometimes. The baby feels more like he or she is pushing down, and I even thought it's arm or something was going to fall out of my body yesterday...seriously! I don't know if my cervix is starting to dialate or not. I will find out in the next week or two when Dr. Soper checks me, but I am starting to get an understanding of what that will sort of feel like when I'm in labor. Of course, it's not near as intense now as it will be then, but like I said, I feel like it's just giving me an idea. Speaking of Braxton Hicks, I'm having one now. See, they just happen more and more all the time!

My blood sugar has been really good this week! I've had good feedback from the nurse and dietician at Methodist Hospital, and I'm sure my doctor will be pleased, too. I feel so much more encouraged now, and I know I can keep a handle on it until the baby is born. :) Last night I spent the evening with one of my friends from our church group. Her baby girl will be one month old tomorrow, which completely blows my mind because it feels like she was just born! Anyway, it was really special to be around them because my friend and I were pregnant together for 29 weeks, so I watched her go through all of the different stages of pregnancy. Now I get to see her as a mother, and it makes my heart leap to think I'm just steps away from that point. I just felt that much more excited for what is to come! I love thinking about having a baby this time of year. I'm sure we'll wait awhile before having a second baby, but if we can plan a Spring pregnancy again, that would be wonderful!

Tomorrow people from RISE are throwing a coworker and me a baby shower, and I can't wait! My friend and I are only 2 weeks apart in our pregnancies, so it has been a fun journey to experience with her, too. Everyone at work has been so excited and supportive of this pregnancy, and they say the NICEST things to me. I've been trying to carry their compliments with me as fuel to push through when people don't say the nicest things at one of my buildings. FYI, don't feel like you should say, "Wow, you look like you could go anytime!" to a pregnant woman unless she truly is days away from her due date. Someone said that to me today, and I was like, "I still have six weeks to go" with a big grin on my face. The lady was like, "Oh....really?" Things like this do not make pregnant women feel beautiful! Even though we may smile when you say it, we secretly want to punch you in the face. :) :) :)

As you can see in my pictures, I think I hit another growth spurt. I can really tell a difference between what I looked like 2 weeks ago and the way my body looks this week. Plus, I must admit, I ate a HUGE salad with a friend downtown and downed about 3 glasses of water, so that probably didn't help. I have felt more pregnant than ever this week than ever before. Between the Braxton Hicks contractions (I'm having another one as we speak) and just taking longer to go from the floor to standing up, I can tell that I'm getting closer and closer. I'm hoping to at least have 3 more weeks until the baby comes. It will be better for the baby to be 37 weeks; plus, I can get a lot finished at work in the next 3 weeks. Time will tell!!

I hope you all continue to enjoy reading this blog. It has been such a fun way to record my memories, and I know I will have fun looking back on it someday. If I can make some time to work on my scrapbook a little more, I'm planning to take it and some other items to the hospital for our family to look through while I'm in labor because who knows how long of a journey that will be! Again, time will tell!


rebekahallebach said...

You are absolutely glowing! Thanks for the update.

iniquity27 said...

if you can, try to put together a flip book of all your belly pictures--in chronological order of course.

it's wild how you're winding down your blog. maybe you can have a continuance that tells us of all the good and bad and funny experiences you are about to have.

i love the punch you in the face lines. hilarious.

sarabeth said...

oh, little amy... you look so adorable and sound so very happy. i miss you, sister!

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