What a Great Weekend!

Friday morning I woke up, excited to have our ultrasound and to see the baby again. Again, the point of the ultrasound was to figure out why I was measuring 3 cm ahead of my due date. I drank the Glucola, a sugary drink used for the gestational diabetes test on the way to the appointment, as they were going to draw my blood an hour later. When we reached the doctor's office, we had the ultrasound done first. It was definitely fun to see the baby again, but since he/she is so much bigger now, it's harder to see everything. The head was down already, though that can change still since we still have 10 1/2 weeks to go. The baby's body was lounged around my right side, with its arms and legs hanging on my left side. Now it makes sense why I've been feeling the movements I've been feeling lately (big movements on the right and smaller pokes on the left!). After about 15 minutes of being on my back for the ultrasound, I started to get a hot flash. I asked Ryan to find something to fan me, and the ultrasound technician just told me to turn over on my left side...that the baby was just putting too much pressure on the blood vessels in my back. After I felt a little better, I rolled back over onto my back, and the technician began working again. She got a cute picture of the baby's profile and then began looking for a foot. I started to get all hot, nauseous, etc. again, so I really didn't care much about finding that foot! I told her that I wasn't feeling well again, so she stopped and let me roll over on my left side again (yes, I can honestly say that I roll now). :)

After the hot flash passed, I got dressed, and we went down the hall to draw my blood. I should mention that for the glucose test, I was not allowed to eat breakfast, so I had only had that sugary drink. It was the first time I had missed breakfast in almost 7 months! Anyway, I went to get my blood drawn and still wasn't feeling 100% from the ultrasound. I told the nurse that I was notorious for fainting from blood and that I wasn't feeling very well anyway. So, Ryan sat behind me in case I tipped over. She stuck me and began drawing my blood. The needle didn't bother me at all...it was imagining the blood gushing out of my arm! I began to feel sick...started sweaty...breathing fast and heavy...turning white. Yes, I knew what was coming...I had felt this way before! I told them that was I was going to probably get sick. So Ryan pulled this HUGE trashcan over to me. The nurse told me to lean toward it but said that she was going to keep drawing my blood, even if I fainted because she knew I wouldn't want to start the whole process over again (drinking glucola, waiting another hour without food, drawing more blood). I told her that was fine. She proceeded to take 3-4 viles of blood, and after what seemed like an eternity, she finished! I just leaned over the monsterous trashcan while Ryan wiped the sweat off my body. My color began coming back, and they got me some orange juice and granola bars to snack on. I felt a lot better after that. So, we went to see the doctor and learned that the baby's weight and the amount of fluid in my uterus were completely normal. The doctor determined that I'm measuring a little bigger because of the way my body is carrying the baby...all out front! So that was great news and was exactly what we were hoping to hear. :)

Opening gifts from Dad & Danette

My dad and Danette came to stay with us this weekend, and we had a really nice time! After they got here on Friday, we went over to Motherhood Maternity to pick out something fun to wear for our first baby shower Saturday afternoon and to see if I wanted to buy anything for our maternity pictures Saturday morning. Shopping for maternity clothes in January was a lot of fun because I was beginning to show but my old clothes didn't fit well anymore. When we went shopping on Friday, I was about 10 weeks more pregnant than the last time I went shopping. I can't say that I really enjoyed standing under those fluorescent lights and looking at my new body! However, I keep reminding myself that it is all for the baby and that my weight gain is right on track. After trying on about a dozen different outfits, I found only one shirt that I really liked. I also bit the bullet and got a "sleep bra"...I know...I wondered why I needed one, too. It's basically a cotton bra that helps provide support at night. This will definitely come in handy after the baby is born, and I'm nursing. I also got some denim capris but am thinking that I'm going to take them back. The pockets are kind of nerdy even though the front of them looks great. :)

Hooray for breast pumps!!!

Anyway, we got up early on Saturday to be at our appointment for maternity pictures. I was kind of nervous because I haven't had my pictures taken like that since high school. I had no idea if I looked ridiculous or great even though Ryan was giving me good feedback. You can check them out at http://jscottphotography.instaproofs.com/. Just go to "Amy A Maternity" and type in the password "baby". You have to put your email address in, too, if you want to see the pictures. I hope you like them!

How cute is this cake??? It matched the invitations perfectly! :)

After we finished getting the pictures taken, we went back home and had lunch. Ryan and my dad went to the Big Ten Tournament games, while Danette and I went to the baby shower that Ryan's mom and sister were throwing for me. The shower was so much fun!!! We played a game, ate some delicious food (including the cutest cake ever!!!), visited with everyone, opened presents, and visited some more! Ryan's family, my mom, and Danette completely spoiled us!!! Check out this list of gifts: diaper cake, stuffed animals, burp rags, snack cups, spoons, receiving blankets, pacifiers, onesies, Pampers Swaddler diapers, layettes, bibs, teething rings, high chair, Baby Einstein play center, activity mat, mattress, mattress pad, crib sheets, sound spa, ice blocks w/ bunny, Johnson & Johnson gift basket with TONS of goodies, Jeep stroller, puppy bath towel, socks, breast pump, and lots of fun blankets! Three of them were made my family members, which makes it that much more special. We are so lucky! I started organizing everything last night (of course) and am already wondering where in the world we are going to put everything. :) It's strange to set up the high chair now, for example, when it will be quite a bit longer until the baby needs it. I guess it will be good motivation to reorganize some closets!!

Kelli & Gloria made the cutest diaper cake!

Me in a sea of presents! How can you thank people enough for so many nice things??


iniquity27 said...

you hit the Jackpot!

jatill said...

I had a similar experience with my last u/s with Grace and your foot comment brought it all back and made me chuckle. I started sweating and was sure I would vomit. I was 39 wks and they kept trying to get a good face shot. I was like - I'll see it for real in a week just stop so I don't puke!

Yeah on the great results!

Ryan and Amy said...

Well, I'm up to date again. Glad everything ended up well. I had to laugh when you were talking about trying on clothes. Welcome to my world. Ted and I loved the pictures. Looking forward to the next update.

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