Weekend Out of Town

We hit the 27 week mark last Wednesday! Sorry for not writing sooner, but we will have internet at home again starting tomorrow. I didn't remember to take a picture, but I will post some new ones this Wednesday! Here is the link for information about the baby's development at 27 weeks:


How sweet is it that the baby can open and close its eyes now? I can tell that it is getting bigger and stronger, as its movements feel so much different. When I first felt the baby move, it felt more like bubbles popping. Then, I would feel the baby move in one place on my body. Now when he or she moves, I will feel it in multiple places at once! In fact, it's moving as we speak. I can see my belly moving around, which is really fun! Sometimes I seriously wonder if other people can see it, too, because the movements will be so strong. I really love this part of pregnancy!

We went out of town this weekend to stay with my dad and Danette to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday! Ryan carried everything downstairs and packed up the car by himself (usually I at least help carry things). I'm just letting him do those kinds of things...it makes him feel good to help me and to know that I'm not carrying anything too heavy. :) I was really sore Friday after work, though. My hips and pelvic bone were just aching! Seriously, it felt like someone had kicked me a few times. I've had some pain in the past, but this was much worse than before! It was a pretty uncomfortable ride to South Whitley, and after sitting for a couple hours, it probably just make it worse. A good night's sleep with a pillow tucked between my knees sure helped. :) We had a great visit with my dad and Danette! They took us out to eat at this cute little restaurant called "The Brownstone" that is located right on the main strip of our town (right at the only stoplight). It reminds me of the restaurants in Zionsville. It was so good, in fact that we ate there Friday night for dinner (Foccasia Chicken, smashed potatoes, green beans, and a salad) and Saturday for their breakfast buffet. YUM! Saturday afternoon was the big birthday celebration at this restaurant in Warsaw called Cerulean. Check out the website:


We had a great time! For my dad's birthday, Ryan and I wanted to do a past and present theme. We got him candy from the 1960s (with the original wrappers on them) to represent the past:


We also got him a picture frame to put the baby's picture in and three books to read to Babell. Do you remember those Mercer Mayer books? They crack me up! We got two of those for Dad and a book titled "I Already Knew I Loved You" by Billy Crystal:


This book is so sweet!! It's from a grandfather's perspective about his anticipation of his grandchild being born. I have to admit, it totally made me tear up at the end! Anyway, I highly recommend it for a gift to grandfathers.

One of my goals this weekend was for my dad, Danette, my brother, and my sister-in-law to feel the baby move...and even see it move if possible. The baby cooperated, and everyone got to feel it! It was really special. :)

This month is going to be a busy one! Ryan and I are getting maternity pictures taken during the morning on Saturday, March 15th. Of course, I have to give you the website: http://jscottphotography.com/HOME.html. I saw this photographer when I was searching for someone to do our wedding, but we didn't hire him. He photographed my friend Abigail's wedding, and she told me that he also was taking maternity pictures. Since I have leftover Christmas and birthday money, I thought this would be perfect! Then I have a baby shower with Ryan's family that afternoon in Greenwood. I can't wait to see everyone and to celebrate this baby's upcoming birth with the women in his family. Then, March 22nd, my friends Abigail and Blair are throwing me a baby shower, too. I am really looking forward to seeing all of my friends again!! Our first childbirth class is March 29th from 9 .m. to 5 p.m. So you can see, this month will be very busy! I can't wait to write about everything. I'll try to post lots of pictures, too. Whenever we get our maternity pictures taken, I will try to post a link so you can see them, too.

That's all for now! I hope you all have a great week, and I'll write again mid-week!


iniquity27 said...

Thanks for letting me get a hold on the baby moving. That was my first time.

Ryan and Amy said...

I love reading your blog. I can hear the excitement in everything you write. I showed Ted you picture of your belly and he said "she is so small". Thought you would like that comment! I can't wait to see the maternity pictures. I love that you guys don't know if you are having a boy or girl. Maybe your dread will come true and you will have one of each. Take care, you look adorable. Jeanette

Ryan and Amy said...
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