Gestational Diabetes

Believe it or not, I failed my gestational diabetes test miserably! I found out the results last Thursday:

Fasting Blood Sugar: 79 (GOOD)
1 Hour Blood Sugar: 205 - Supposed to be below 180 (NOT GOOD)
2 Hour Blood Sugar: 201 - Supposed to be below 155 (REALLY NOT GOOD)
3 Hour Blood Sugar: 182 - Supposed to be below 140 (YIKES!)

For those of you who don't know about gestational diabetes, here is some information. Regardless of how much sugar is in your body, you are supposed to produce enough insulin to cope with the amount of sugar. However, my body is all out of whack from being pregnant, and I'm not making enough insulin. That means that the baby is having to produce more (SORRY BABY!). Insulin is a growth hormone for babies, so releasing lots of it can make you have a larger baby. So I have to take a class at Methodist Hospital on Thursday for two hours to learn about what kinds of changes I need to make in order to stay healthy and to best help the baby.By changing my diet and starting an exercise plan, I should be able to take care of the problem. I honestly am looking at this as a positive because diet and exercise are two great things to focus on for these last 9 weeks of pregnancy! :) I think I might have to test my blood sugar throughout the day, but again, I'll know more after Thursday. I'll keep you posted!

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