Baby Shower with Friends!

What a great weekend! My friends Abigail and Blair threw a baby shower for me on Saturday, and invited a bunch of my friends from high school, college, and church. It was so great to spend time with everyone, especially since many of them live out of town or out of state. I had friends come in from Massachussetts, Kentucky, and Ohio. It was just such a special day! We had plenty of time to just relax and visit with one another, which is something we don't get to do too often. At the baby shower, Abigail and Blair had set out a bunch of plain white 0-3 month onesies for people to decorate with fabric markers. They turned out so cute!!! We also played a few fun games. One was a cute little poem where we passed around a vase of flowers depending on the directions in the poem. The person who had the flowers at the end of the poem got to keep them. The second game was a game where we matched celebrities to the names of their children. Of course, I am obsessed with celebrity gossip and check out http://people.com/ every single day at lunch, so naturally I won the game! I also got to take a vase of flowers home. For the third game, Abigail and Blair had asked Ryan and me which attributes we wanted our baby to have (e.g., legs = Ryan; hair = Amy). The person who guessed the most correctly won the game!

We also had one of my favorite things for lunch...Panera! They bought these delicious Panera sandwiches (I had ham & cheese) and also had fresh fruit, veggies, and chips, too. The cake was SOOOO good, even though I probably shouldn't have had any (see Gestational Diabetes blog). After we ate I opened presents, and let me just say this...I have such generous and thoughtful friends! I got so many great things...children's books, a baby bath tub, bath towels, wash clothes, bibs, pacifiers, bowls, bottles, a food processor, recipe books for baby food (I'm planning to make my own), a homemade book of children's poems (SO FUN!), lotion, shampoo, nail clippers, hair brushes, onesies (one of which says "Tax Deduction"), pajamas for me (YAY!), blankets, a night light, a robe and booties, baby food, spoons, burp rags, nose sucker thingy, hangers, a swaddler blanket, faucet protector, bottle brush, sleepers, homemade cross to hang in the nursery, toy bag for the bath, rinse cup, bath letters, rubber duckies, outlet covers, baby legs (see http://www.babylegs.net/photos.php), Bumbo seat (see http://www.bumbobabyseat.com/), and baby socks. Like I said, aren't my friends so generous?? I had such a great time with everyone, and it turned out to be a perfect day!

Some of the gifts from my friends!

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dntill said...

I love the baby legs. I have never seen those before!!! Those are great. What is the tub like thing in the picture that has some presents in it? Sounds like a great day!

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