31 Weeks & My Diabetes

We hit the 31 week mark yesterday, so here is your weekly update on the baby's development:

So as you probably read, a baby at this stage weighs about 3.3 lbs. Our ultrasound estimated that our baby was 3.7 lbs (3 lbs., 11 oz.), so it's pretty much right on track! Because I have gestational diabetes, I need to make sure that I make good choices with food so that the baby doesn't get too big. Last night, the baby put it's hand/fist into my hip, so I kind of tried to move it out of there and felt the baby's arm/hand quickly moving away from me. It was seriously kind of freaky! That is the most detail I have felt so far, and it really makes me realize that there is a baby in there. I know, I know...you think it would have hit me by now, and don't get me wrong...it has! With each movement and the growth of my belly, it becomes more and more real each day. Then I just get that much more excited to mee him or her!
I also had a prenatal appointment on Tuesday. Rather than dwell on my doctor's lack of warmth and bedside manner, let's focus on what happened at the appointment. I gained only 1 lb., making my total weight gain 24 lbs. I'm still right where I need to be! :) This is probably a good time to digress for a second and tell you a quick story about work today. This teacher asked me, "So when are you due again?" It's a question I hear at least 3 times each day, so no big deal right? Wrong! When I said May 28th, she looked at me and said, "You're going to be HUGE!" I had that famous "deer-in-headlights" look, laughed, and just said, "Thanks!" She was like, "I just thought you were due any day now. You're just all baby!" I wanted to say, "If you don't leave the copy room in 2 seconds, I'm going to punch you in the face." Haha! Sorry, I know that is terrible, but do people have monkeys in their brains or what?? So anyway, moving back to my appointment. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat (160 - I think), and then Dr. Soper measured my fundal height. It hadn't changed since my last appointment...it was 33 cm, which is only 2 cm bigger than where I would be expected to be at this point in the pregnancy. When the doctor pushes the measuring tape against my pelvic bone, I seriously think I'm going to come out of my shell! It is so tender right now...just getting off the couch can take my breath away sometimes. I got my shot of RhoGam (that the doctor would have forgotten had I not reminded her...YIKES!), too. I haven't had a shot since before college, so I was a little nervous. The stick wasn't bad, but the actual medication definitely burned my buns! Yeah...I said it. :)

I had my class today at Methodist Hospital where I learned more about gestational diabetes and what changes to make with regard to my diet. First I took FOUR (yes four) different elevators to finally get to the right area of the hospital...hilarious! When I got to the classroom, I found out that there was only one other person taking the class that day, too. She is in graduate school to be an occupational therapy, so our conversation came easily! Also, she is due one day after us...what are the chances? Anyway, we watched a little video and learned a little more about gestational diabetes. A nurse came in afterward, and she explained how often we would need to test our blood sugar, our goal for blood sugar levels, and how to test our ketones. I have to test my ketones first thing in the morning. Because you don't eat in the middle of the night, your body goes a long time without food. You want your body to use glucose rather than fat for energy when you are pregnant, and ketones are formed when your body's fat stores have to be accessed for energy. So, I will know in the morning if my body is using my fat supply for energy. We don't want to see ketones when I test each day. Then, I will test my blood sugar four times per day: once before breakfast (fasting glucose) and two hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Forunately, since I worked at the Diabetes Youth Foundation's summer camp, I had already tested my blood sugar several times before. I think I probably would've been scared of the prick otherwise. We tested during the class just to make sure we knew how to work our meters, and mine was 71. The nurse asked me the last time I ate, and I had to tell her how scared I've been to eat anything because I didn't know what was good or bad for the baby and me!
My diabetes testing supplies!

The good news is...I can eat anything!!!!! Seriously, I won't have sugary beverages, but as far as food goes, I can have anything. I just need to spread out when I'm eating carbs throughout the day. The dietician came in and explained to us how to choose what to eat. This was my favorite part of the class because I was STARVING and DYING to know what I could eat. This is my food plan:

Breakfast: 2-3 carbs
Morning Snack: 1-2 carbs
Lunch: 3-4 carbs
Afternoon Snack: 1-2 carbs
Dinner: 3-4 carbs
Bedtime Snack: 2 carbs (and I need to make sure that I have 2 so that the baby can continue feeding and getting energy overnight...or else I'll use stored fat = ketones)

It's also important to know that 1 carb = 15 grams of carbohydrates. So for breakfast, I can have 1 1/2 cups of nonsweet cereal and 1 cup of milk), which will equal 3 carbs. If I was starving (which hasn't been the case so far), I could supplement that with eggs, bacon, etc. Veggies, meat, meat substitutions (e.g., cheese), and fats are all FREE! So, imagine my excitement to learn that I can eat PIZZA, MAC-N-CHEESE, PASTA, BREAD, some of my favorite carbs. I just have to do it in moderation and spread it out throughout the day. Not bad, huh? They also gave me a huge guide filled with various restaurants that break down their menu and show how many carbs each item is. I asked Ryan if we could go celebrate my ability to eat, and we stopped at O'Charley's for dinner. I got a bacon cheeseburger (2 1/2) carbs, water, and substituted broccoli casserole for the french fries. Just so you know, I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER, ordered broccoli in my life. I don't eat broccoli, so there is no way in heck I would ever order it for fun. However, I felt a real need to fully embrace this new diet and thought I'd kick things off with some broccoli! :) It turned out that the casserole had rice in it, too, and 1/3 cup of rice is 1 carb, so I just had about 5 bites and called it quits. You know what? The broccoli wasn't even that bad, but don't expect me to willingly eat it very often. :)

My restaurant guide

I begged Ryan to test his blood sugar with me so that he could understand I would be doing for the next 9 weeks. He (reluctantly) agreed, so here are some pictures of us tonight. My blood sugar was 118, and it needs to be below 120...whew! Ryan's was 125...good thing he doesn't have the DIA-BE-TIS!

It doesn't hurt - I'm just exaggerating!

Doesn't he look so excited to test with me?!?! He screamed when it poked him but later said it didn't even hurt! I totally thought it hurt him. :)


iniquity27 said...

wow is it weird that we're getting old and we have health...uhhhh...issues and concerns?

it is really tripping me out.

your story about that teacher was awesome.

joel said...

what's that teacher's name? i'll track her down!!

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