30 Weeks Down...10 To Go!

Yes, you read that correctly...we are 30 weeks pregnant today! It feels GREAT to hit this milestone.


For those of you who wonder what that means in terms of months, we will be 7 months on Friday. Yep, only 2 months to go! What a better way to ring in the 30 week mark than to have a Glucose Tolerance Test. I slept really well last night and was ready for the 4 blood draws and fasting. It really wasn't so bad. There were people ahead of me at the lab, so they drew my blood for the first time around 8:30. Then I drank that sugary drink...it tasted just like last time but a little sweeter...no big deal! People really make that drink out to be awful, but I didn't mind it at all. Maybe it's the lime flavored one that doesn't taste so bad. :) Anyway, I waited the first hour without any trouble and had my blood drawn at 9:45...exactly one hour after I finished the drink. The waiting between 9:45 and 10:45 was a little worse. My stomach started to ache a bit from being hungry. I don't think having only sugary stuff on my stomach helped, though. I just laid down in the car until it was time for blood draw #3. I decided to just sleep through the last hour, and that really helped! The second it was over, I shoved a granola bar down my throat and then headed to the northside to get my hair cut. I will find out the results from the test tomorrow, so any prayers for good results are much appreciated! Enjoy the 30 week belly picture!

30 weeks

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