29 Weeks!

We hit the 29 week mark yesterday, and it feels really good to be here. In just one week, we'll only have 10 more to go! I remember being curious about how I'd feel and what I would look like at 30 weeks, and it's fun to almost be there now. Here is some information about the baby's development:


Tuesday we met with Julie, the doula I was writing about earlier in the week. She was wonderful! I really felt comfortable with her right away, and it just seemed like the three of us, Ryan, Julie, and me, meshed really well together. Julie explained what she would be doing if we hired her as our doula. We will have two meetings prior to our due date. Our first one is during Week 32, and the second will be somewhere between Week 35 and Week 36. This will give us an opportunity to get to know her better, but most importantly, it will help her understand our dynamic as a couple, as well as what our needs/desires are during labor. For example, she will ask Ryan a bunch of questions about what kind of role he is comfortable with during labor and delivery. Some guys like to be more hands on with their laboring wives...others want to sit on the chair and just be physically present for their wives and newborn baby. This will help Julie know how to best support his needs during labor. Then, we'll also start discussing a birth plan and the different components we want in that plan. Ryan and I will actually create our own plan, but I think she will give us ideas/scenarios to consider. She also has many resources for us to look over and discuss about different childbirth methods (e.g., The Bradley Method, Hyp-Birth, etc.). She said that we will also do a simulation of labor to help us prepare mentally for what is to come...not that you can completely do that...but I like the idea of putting some time into it. After meeting with Julie, Ryan and I both agreed that she will be a great fit for us. I'm excited about it, and it makes me feel that much closer to meeting our baby.

Last night, we had a wonderful dinner at Moe's...A Place for Steaks downtown. OH MY GOSH! I just couldn't resist the filet, and I'm so glad that I ordered it. I got an 8 oz. filet, and it melted in my mouth with deliciousness! I haven't eaten an entire filet in FOREVER, but now that my appetite is starting to pick up, I didn't have a problem at all! It was glorious! The couple who joined us for dinner bought us two of the cutest little baby outfits and a bib...oh my gosh. I cannot wait to see our little one in them! We had a really nice time hanging out with them, too, so it was a really nice night.

Today, I was in desperate need for my manicure and pedicure. My brother had surgery today, which was definitely on my mind all day (I got a call saying that the surgery went really well!). Then, I got an email about a coworker who that found her 13 day old baby boy had passed away in his crib. They've determined that it was SIDS. I seriously lost it! I mean, a story like that always touches your heart, but now that I'm pregnant...man it really hit me hard! I was balling in my office (again...thank goodness for having my own office), and the baby was just moving around. I think it was trying to say, "I'm ok, Mom! Don't worry!" I had just seen my coworker's baby last Tuesday, so it was just heartbreaking. He really was a beautiful baby! We're collecting money in our school district because not only do the parents have to pay for a funeral, but they still have all of the hospital bills headed their way. It's horrible! I can't even imagine. I finally pulled it together and got a few things done at work. It wasn't my most productive day, but I really did the best I could. My manicure and pedicure were wonderful! I felt so pampered and relaxed...it's really just what I needed. Now if I just could've had that glass of wine....

Tomorrow is our ultrasound appointment...first thing in the morning. Any positive thoughts and prayers for a good outcome are very much appreciated!!! I will write soon to let you know the results. My dad and stepmom are coming into town for the weekend, so I will write whenever there is a break in the fun!

The baby's bassinette - gift from Grandma and Grandpa Till (my dad and stepmom)

Isn't it adorable???

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tgtdnt said...

It's a good thing you have dogs...

Cats would use the bottom of the bassinette as a litter box (well, except Dan and Kristen's cats, who are unusually smart).

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