Some Crazy Stuff!

So I finally finished some deadlines at work and wanted to share a few things through this blog. First of all, I had a HYSTERICAL dream last night!!! I dreamt that I gave birth, unexpectedly, to twins...a boy and a girl. I was so excited, but I was so exhausted from the birth that I was in and out of consciousness. After I finally came to, I asked Ryan how the babies were and asked to see them. The nurses brought them into the room, each in its own incubator, and on the name plates were "DORAL" and "LORAL". I ABOUT DIED! I asked Ryan how the heck they got the names Doral and Loral, and he said that he had to name them while I was sleeping. I was so mad! Then, when I saw the babies, I nearly died again. They were just the most horrendous looking infants I have ever seen! I was so embarrassed about how ugly the babies were and was so worried about emailing out pictures to our friends and family and posting pictures on the blog. So, not only were my twins' names VERY ODD, they were just crazy looking (think Garbage Pail Kids). Anyway, that was crazy thing number one!

Second, I was reminded to write about this today after having lunch. I have never, ever, ever liked tuna in my life. I hate the smell and have never even considered tasting it as an adult. A few months ago, I got a school lunch...it was called a "Go Fish Salad". Basically, it's just a regular salad with a pack of goldfish crackers and a side of tuna salad. I really liked the tuna salad!! Can you believe that? For those of you who know me well, you know that I have an extreme dislike for fish. I had the Go Fish Salad again today, and it was fabulous! I have to admit that I like tuna now. We'll see if I still like it after this pregnancy is over!

The third crazy thing that happened as actually happened twice now. You know how you hear about women sneezing and then peeing their pants a little bit...well...I am one of those women now! AHH! If my bladder is the least bit full, and I sneeze...it happens! So, I'm just trying to go to the bathroom a little more often just to make sure that I don't pee my pants at work! Guess I better start doing my Kegel exercises!

That's all for now! Hope you got a good laugh...hopefully that is the last time you'll hear the names Doral and Loral for a long, long time.


JoJo said...

Kegel exercises?....Oh no you didn't, girl!

iniquity27 said...

You know Amy, you'd be surprised to know that I have started to like tuna myself. It's weird getting older and experiencing a change in my tastes. It's even weirder that it's happening concurrently with my sister's pregnancy.

rebekahallebach said...

Oh my--you are so honest in your blogs Amy. I'm cracking up. Thanks for the laugh.

tgtdnt said...

You can tuna fish but you can't tuna piano.

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