Six Months Along!

I have to apologize for my lack of blogging lately. Not only has work been really busy, but we don't have internet at home right now. It's a really long story, but we just have had the worst luck with cable/internet companies! We get new cable through Direct TV installed on Wednesday, but our internet won't start until March 5th. You can imagine the projects we've gotten done around the house without cable or internet! Anyway, we hit the 6 month mark last Thursday and the 26 week mark last Wednesday. Here is some information about the baby's developmental at 26 weeks:


I decided to do a little experiment over the weekend now that the baby can sense light. I had read that if you shine a flashlight on your stomach, the baby will move away from the light. So, I took one of our flashlights and did exactly that. I put it on the right side of my belly, and I immediately felt a BUMP on my left side. So then I moved the flashlight to my left side, and then I felt a BUMP on my right side. This pattern continued a couple more times until Ryan confirmed my own feelings...maybe I was scaring the baby! I think it was definitely trying to get away from that light! Pretty interesting, though, huh? The baby is starting to feel bigger and heavier inside of me. When it moves, I don't just feel it in one area anymore. Instead, I can feel it moving in several spots at once. If I push down on my stomach, I can feel it's body parts moving away. It's just the neatest thing and will be something that I really miss after the baby is born!

I will write more later this week if I can. I have a prenatal appointment on Wednesday morning. Can you believe that this is my last 4 week appointment? For the next four appointments, I will be going to the doctor every two weeks. My 30 week appointment is going to be really fun...the glucose test and a shot of Rhogam...HOORAY! I will post some pictures, too, when I can to show "the belly" at 27 weeks. :)
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